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Dog Cooling Mat Summer Pad Mat For Dogs Cat Breathable Blanket Cat Ice Pads Washable Sofa Breathable Pet Dog Bed Pet Mats





High-Tech Fiber:Dogcooling mat made with Cool Fiber, which willeffectively lower the temperature to maintain the skin temperature in a comfortable state. Keep cooling for pets, kids and adults in the summer.

Elaborate Design: The inner layer of the mat had water absorption material, which can provide strong absorption for urine and odor control. It’s also could be used as a pet pee pad or feeding mat. In addition, the bottom layer with rubber patch and knitting fabric will make this mat leakproof.

Safety & Easy Clean: All materials are safe, non-irritating fibers and without chemicals. No water, electricity, or refrigeration, without water leakage, electric shock problem.The most important is our mat is easy to clean, just throw it to the washing machine. Release life!

Portable & Multiple Use: It is recommended to buy more than two interval uses.our cooling mat is lightweight and easy to fold up for carry, good for using indoors, outdoors and traveling. Putting the mat on the floor, sofa, pet bad, car seat, lawn and anywhere outside under the shadow is perfect.

Keep Cool: In the hot summer months, a self-cooling cooling pad can keep your pet cool all the time. Cool fabric can effectively lower your dog’s body temperature, keep it in a comfortable temperature range, and make your pet feel more relaxed and comfortable.


1.Q: Can this go in the dryer?

A: Sure. You can. No gel in the mat. This material is very special, for the cooler, indeed lower than room temperature. Although it is not very low, it is lower, about 2-4 degrees.

2.Q: The product came with no instructions how does it work….what am I supposed to do with it?

A: It is self cooling mat, u don’t need do anything^-^

3.Q: How do I clean it do I hand wash and air dry it or can I machine wash it?

A: No need to hand wash it. I machine wash mine on delicate cycle and dry in dryer on low for a short time; it dries quickly. I’ve had mine for nearly a year and it launders and holds up very nicely!

A: It can be machine washed. I used gentle cycle, spot treatment and dried it on low for about 10-15 minutes. It came out perfect.

A: I hand wash it and air dry

4.Q: would this work inside for large dogs? q2: is this worth purchasing? q3: would you purchase again?

A: Absolutely yes!! My dog really like this cooling pad,can’t leave it now

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Hand Wash


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Bed Mats





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