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Dogs with bad habits

Licking people
The notion that dogs lick people because of a salt deficiency is a fallacy. Licking comes from a paternal-maternal instinct that dogs exhibit when grooming their young. When a dog licks a person, it is a demonstration of its affection for that person. With some dogs, however, it can become a nuisance. As soon as your dog starts to lick you, move him away and divert his attention by giving him a command. Praise him when he responds correctly. Regular obedience training and play periods will usually teach him not to lick you. When the dog licks a guest or member of the family, tell him “no” and again divert his attention with a command followed by praise. In this way, he fulfills his desire to serve and please you without losing face. He will soon learn that people really don’t want doggy kisses.

This is a serious fault with some male dogs, and can be very embarrassing. To correct this bad habit, use a choke collar and a leash, jerking the leash whenever the dog attempts to sniff someone. Accompany this with a loud verbal command, such as “no.” Make the dog aware of how displeased you are with this behaviour. In the case of a small dog, shake a tin can filled with stones or marbles making a sudden loud noise while you give the command ”no”.

Leg Mounting
This can be seen in puppies as young as three to four weeks old but with them it’s playful, not sexual, behavior. When leg mounting persists past puppy hood (and it is common in both males and females) it should be dealt with as quickly as possible. This habit is best corrected by diverting the dog’s attention through play activity. In persistent cases, more stringent methods have to be worked out. If hormones are not helpful, castration of the males and spaying of the females may be the only solution.

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