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Crate Training Puppies

When you actually understand what crate training actually is, you will agree that it is a necessary part of your dog training. If you were as “in the dark” about this method of training as I was, then read on and I can try and dispel some of the preconceptions that many people may have about this particular type of training. For example, my wife’s first words to me were,   ”You are NOT putting my dog in that prison!” Gulp! It was not an easy task to win her over, that I can assure you.

What is the purpose behind crate training puppies?

There are two primary purposes behind the whole idea:

1. It is a tremendous help for house training puppies. This is simply a great method to get your puppy house trained very quickly.

2. Crates are simply a safe haven for your dog! This is predominantly why I started crate training puppies. A puppy needs a place to rest and relax (Yes, it’s true! They are not just for our exclusive entertainment). Crates serve as an excellent area set aside for your dog where he can go and switch off and take a breather.

Benefits of crate training puppies

Consider this, when you were young, did you have a playpen? Do you use a playpen for your kids? Playpens are an area you use to leave your kids so that you can sort out a couple other things without having to wonder if Junior has rearranged your new TV. This in many respects highlights the benefits of crate training. Assuming your dog has been trained to stay in his crate and he is totally comfortable with that, you can get the following benefits out of training him with his new “playpen”:

1. You have a safe area to put your dog if you’re busy, that way he won’t (shouldn’t) get into trouble or danger

2. If you ever have to travel and you take your dog (Now you actually have an option because he is trained) you are totally fine because he has been trained to stay in a crate.

3. At some point or another your dog may have to stay overnight at the vet. Vets put their patient into crates. The whole scenario will be much less stressful to your dog.

4. As mentioned above, it is a very useful tool to for house training puppies as they won’t be too anxious to mess their “den”

So crate training puppies does have a place, provided it is DONE CORRECTLY.

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