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Licking peopleThe notion that dogs lick people because of a salt deficiency is a fallacy. Licking comes from a paternal-maternal instinct that dogs exhibit...


As with most problems, well-meaning people give their opinions and solutions freely, but it is not always the right advice or cure for our...


Although the exact cause of this unsavory action is uncertain, worms, pancreatitis, or dietary deficiencies are frequently found in dogs with perverted appetites-eating feces...


When you actually understand what crate training actually is, you will agree that it is a necessary part of your dog training. If you...

Dog Digging Dog Digging


Dogs dig with intense focus and enthusiasm, which is difficult to break, but if you address your dog’s underlying reasons for tilling the earth,...


You open the door and—zoom!—there goes your dog. You yell for him to stop and come back, but he ignores your desperate pleas and...

Dogs! Stop Begging for Food Dogs! Stop Begging for Food


The easiest way to stop dogs from begging for food is also the hardest way—refusing to share your food, that is. People tend to...

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