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Cheap or Branded Dog Food?

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Do you buy the most expensive of dog brands or try to cut costs a little? I tend to go for supermarket brands, so mid-range. I sometimes feel guilty for not buying the best stuff. It's all the same though, isn't it?

Posted : 04/03/2021 5:32 am
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I'm the same, I dont think it really matters what food, just that they're getting enough. If you have a big dog then the food would be really expensive at higher brand prices.

Posted : 04/03/2021 6:33 am
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Cheapish tins but branded kibble. i buy a huge bag once a month and it does him fine. A lot cheaper to buy in bulk, in the long run.

Posted : 04/03/2021 6:59 am
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If you can afford branded dog food, it's always more better in my opinion. I do give my dog both. He enjoys it.

Posted : 31/08/2022 12:39 am
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I'm don't feel comfortable giving my dog cheap food. This is why I always tell people to make sure that they have enough money to buy good branded food for their dogs because it's better for their dog's health and growth. 

Posted : 13/09/2022 10:52 am
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I know very well that branded dog foods are very expensive but on the other hand, my dogs are very special to me. They deserve to eat branded food because it's very good for their growth. 


Posted : 22/09/2022 5:52 am
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My dog doesn't have any problems with eating both branded and cheap food. I have not seen any difference or reactions from him eating cheap dogs foods, otherwise I will stop it. 

Posted : 09/10/2022 11:16 am
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The only time that I would be interested in getting good cheap food for my dog is when I don't have enough money to purchase enough branded food for him. The cheap good food can work for the time being before I can get the branded food. 

Posted : 05/11/2022 3:08 am
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It depends on what I can afford at the moment, I like my dog to be well fed daily so I wouldn't limit that , I sometimes get cheap dog food as long as it is recommended by the vet.

Posted : 07/11/2022 5:29 am
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It all depends on my dog as to whether I buy branded or non-branded dog food. With my dog in the past tiring of some foods and wanting to switch, I find that I end up alternating between branded food and non-branded food depending on whether is eating a certain one or not at the time. 

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Posted : 04/06/2024 11:09 am
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I normally get my dog's food in the supermarket. It wasn't that expensive nor cheap. There have been sometimes that I have given my dog the cheap food, I was afraid that it will be rejected by her but she ate all satisfactorily. The supermarket own isn't that branded but it's good for my dog 

What I normally do is to buy the supermarket dog food and also get the branded foods if I have enough money on me.

Posted : 17/06/2024 8:49 am