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My dog keeps chewing on my TV remote 😩

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One thing which my dog have been doing to me for years which I have done almost everything to stop him from doing it but all to no avail is chewing on my TV remote. I have bought a lot of chew toys for him but he's hell bent on chewing on the damn TV remote. I'm thinking of leaving the remote for him and buy a new one for my TV. I hope he doesn't come for the new one when I buy it. 

Posted : 04/05/2023 12:26 pm
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It sounds crazy but I wonder if you could buy a dog's chew toy that is a TV remote? This may be something that may stop him from going after your actual TV remote if he has his own so to speak that would be better for him. 

What I would advise in the mean time though is to place any TV remotes you have out of the reach of the dog to prevent him from chewing on it again. 

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Posted : 21/07/2023 7:47 am