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How often do you bath your dog?

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There's a dog owner in my neighbourhood that hardly takes care of his dog. The dog looks like he hardly baths the dog. It's very wrong to be very honest. I bath by dog every two days. 

Posted : 27/10/2022 10:53 am
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I have my dogs bathed every two days. It's never going to get past two days and I'm having him well soaked and bathed very well. Unless, I travelled and not in town, then it might take longer. 

Posted : 31/01/2023 2:30 pm
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Based on my vet instructions, I only bath my dog once in a week. It's not safe to be bathing dogs more than once in a week unless there's a good reason for that. I make sure to check for any lumps, bump or skin changes that may cause any health problems for my dog. 

Posted : 21/04/2023 3:20 am
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The kind of dog breed you have determines how often you should bath him or her. In most cases, it's required to have your dog bathed at least between one to three months. It helps to reduce minimize odor and oil buildup. 

Posted : 28/12/2023 10:31 am
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I only bath my dog twice in a week. I was advised by a pet groomer not to be washing her every day unless she ditched herself too much on dirts. The only thing I make sure that I do every day is to clean her out with clean soft cloth.


Posted : 13/06/2024 6:02 am