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Dog Boots

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Do you have dog boots for your dog to wear? Sometimes they're good for when it's really hot on their pawpads, but mostly people put them on to protect dogs from the cold. 

When we bought some for our dog, she walked around like a robot until she got used to wearing them.

Posted : 09/09/2022 8:03 am
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My dog isn't comfortable with wearing anything but his stockings. He slipped one day he's never going to walk on the floor without his stockings. I have tried for him to wear boots but he doesn't like it. 

Posted : 13/09/2022 6:49 am
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I don't have any boots for my dog. I only get him a costume for Halloween which he doesn't even like wearing 😂. 

Posted : 12/10/2022 4:47 am
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I buy more than just only boots for my dog. He's got his own wears too. I always loved to see him dressed up especially when we are going out. 

Posted : 27/10/2022 11:07 am
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Nope, my dogs doesn't have any boots. I tried getting them one but they don't like it. I stopped worrying about getting them boots. It even saves me from unnecessary expenses. 

Posted : 20/09/2023 4:02 am