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Pure Bred Dogs?

Pure Bred Dogs?

Pure Bred Dogs?

There are something like 600 dog breeds plus and you have narrowed down your choice. Right? Most of the time, I have observed that people’s lifestyles are not matched to a dogs disposition. Thankfully, most good breeders will not sell their pups to someone they feel is somewhat non-committed to a dog’s well balanced livelihood. Unless you plan on really getting involved in various dog training and promotion groups a breeder will normally not sell one of their pups to a novice.

Open for future discussion in one of my articles is whether a person should select a mongrel or a pure bred dog. For now and for simplicity we will concentrate on pure bred dogs for both have positive and negative attributes. Pure bred dogs have a measure of predictability. Some breeds are more aggressive for example as they are bred for that purpose and thus we know what the dog tends to be like, physically and mentally.

In doing your research, take a look at the websites and publications of the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).Great information can  be obtained on breed standards and predictability that will assist you in making a decision. Some of these predictability traits are as follows:
For the most part, smaller breeds are more excitable than larger breeds.

This means the easiness of training a dog for obedience.

A dog that never loses its puppy-like playfulness. Poodles for example score high in this category.

This means excessive barking. Beagles and small breeds tend to rank high here.

These breeds look for a high pecking order in the family structure. Some breeds like Rottweiler and shepherds are not willing to accept a lower family status. Labs and golden retrievers accept being in a lower family pecking order and are great breeds for first time dog owners.

Life Expectancy
This means the average age certain breeds tend to survive. Smaller breeds seem to live longer.
Other factors, genetically associated with certain breeds are their susceptibility to medical conditions, such as hip dysplasia, blindness, heart disease or skin disorders, which is more prevalent in pure breeds than mongrels.

By doing your research and selecting a breed that suits your lifestyle you have overcome 50% of your success rate. However, just because he is a registered breed doesn’t mean he will turn out to be a good dog. The other 50% depends on your ability to socialize and train your dog for family compatibility.

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