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Pigeon Liquid Vitamin 120ml Liver Protecting and Strengthening Liver Essence Concentrate to relieve fatigue

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【Product Name】Strengthen Liver Semen
[Applicable groups] Pigeons, birds
【Product Specifications】120ml/bottle
[(Product properties] This product is yellowish liquid
[Main ingredients] This product is specially designed for racing pigeons. It is rich in vitamins, amino acids, trace elements, thymosin and pure imported liver detoxification powder.

Product Usage
1. Protect the liver and strengthen the liver, activate liver cells, effectively promote blood circulation, enhance liver detoxification and metabolism, increase liver glycogen, reduce fat storage, and combine with toxic substances and liver residual drugs into a non-toxic combination It is quickly excreted from the body to ensure the health and good condition of the pigeons.
2. Nourish the liver and kidneys, produce body fluids to quench thirst, eliminate fatigue, and provide a steady stream of energy. Strengthen the fighting spirit, so that the pigeons quickly regain their strength.
3. Clearing the liver and improving eyesight, making eye sand more beautiful and enhancing eyesight. 4. The unique thymosin component can enhance the physique of pigeons.
5. Improve the breeding vigor of breeding pigeons, improve the quality of breeding eggs, promote the growth and development of young pigeons, promote the absorption of calcium and phosphorus, shorten the moulting period, make the pigeons healthy, and increase the flying speed and endurance.
This product is equipped with a graduated measuring cup, with 2000ml of water per 5ml (for 40 pigeons for 1 day) in winter or when drinking water is insufficient or when the physique is weak, add 1000ml of water per 5ml

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