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Were you chased by a dog as a kid?

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This is a very hilarious thing that kept happening with me as a kid until I understood the dogs were just trying to play with me. 

I was scared to death most of the time and where I got chased, I would never go to that part of neighbourhood again. 

Posted : 10/12/2022 2:14 pm
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Of course yes, I was chased by dogs on several occasions when I was still a kid. If you were never chased by dogs as a kid, you never had fun growing up. I even poke them on purpose so that they will give me a long chase. 

Posted : 22/04/2023 5:20 pm
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Yes, I was chased all over the place by my puppy 🐶 when I was still a kid. We play all day and he never gets tired as long as he's well fed. I will never forget my childhood quickly because of my puppy. 

Posted : 14/09/2023 4:36 am
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It was epic being chased by a dog as a child in my neighbourhood. Dogs like to play a lot. So, when we poke them and start running, they're going to give the chase. 

Posted : 09/02/2024 11:20 am
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First occasion was when I went to visit my friend, their dog started chasing me, the intervention of their father made the dog not to bite me. It instill fears in me and made me to stop visiting them. 

The second occasion was when I was sent on an errand, I didn't know what happened and some dogs from nowhere, start chasing me. I am a good runner and I really ran for my life.

Posted : 13/06/2024 5:49 am