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Does your dog get on with other dogs?

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As a dog owner, it's possible to have a dog that gets on with other dogs but you will find some dogs will not tolerate other dogs at all. 

Do you find your dog gets on with other dogs? Is that just how they have always been or were they trained to tolerate other dogs? 

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Posted : 06/06/2024 11:50 am
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Our dog is very jovial and sweet, she gets along with other dogs especially whenever we go out. She would like to play with other dogs. I didn't train her like that, I observed it was a trait that made her to be loved by people 

Posted : 08/06/2024 1:37 pm
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I'm very happy that my dogs are very friendly. This makes it very easy for them to get along with all other dogs in the neighborhood and also get along with themselves while at home.

They always like to play and once they are tired from playing, they will eat and rest and also continue playing again. 

Posted : 18/07/2024 5:58 pm