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What brand of food do you use?

My dog food's brand is Purina and sometimes I also buy Pedigree. These two have been my dogs food for years. I would also make them their own dog food. I usually feed them the food that I make during lunch and feed them their branded dog food during morning and evening. They are growing healthy with thick and beautiful fur.


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My dog died because of kidney failure, the vet said it was because of the dog food I have fed him and because of that I became very cautious on choosing the type of foods I am feeding them. Now I am giving them holistic recipe, with strip veggies. Actually it is for their breakfast but on their lunch/dinner, I only put dried dog food as a toppings on their food that is cooked for them.
In my own opinion, it depends on the age of your dog, when I buy my dog we ate a brand of Bow Wow Dog food it was healthy to her until he became 1year old. Then we change to beneful grain free, our friends said that this brand of dog food match the age of our dog so we consider that these dog food makes our dog healthy. As I can see, my dog grows healthy and nutritious
I used Pedigree for my dog.. He liked that for a long time. But one time we ran out of Pedigree and I served him what me and my family eats and from that moment on he never liked Pedigree anymore.
I tried another brand but my dog was like no, I want what's on your table attitude.
I think I should be the one questioning what should I do to get him back on eating dog food? hahaha!
I've been feeding my little Labrador-Pit Bull Mix the Kirkland Signature Adult Dog Food for a few months now. So far, I've found it the best meeting point for a reasonable price and high-quality ingredients. My dog loves it and she's seemed more active and healthy since we switched to it. The only potential downside is that you have to get it at Costco, so if you don't have a Costco membership it's a little more difficult.
We switched our dogs to a raw diet a few years ago and its fantastic. Their coats are shinier and fuller. Our one dog no longer has itchy skin and both dogs have super clean teeth. Cleaning up thier poop is even easier too since its dry, hard, smaller, and doesn't stink. There are several different raw diet options, for example we use the PREY model, but here are some basics if anyone wants to make the change: https://www.wikihow.com/Make-a-Raw-Food-Diet-for-Dogs Your dog will thank you! I forgot to add that it can be cheaper than kibble but you'll need to buy in bulk and have a chest freezer.