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I have 2 dogs, Orbits a female 1year old full spotted Dalmatian and Shakes a 3 year old male Pointer.

Orbits has a medium to well built liver spotted body and typical with Dalmatians, shes very loyal, friendly and affectionate.
Shakes has a medium frame with large black and brown spots. He's my 2nd English Pointer and my favorite dog, he likes to run a lot and when he's on stealth mode, he can catch a couple of birds really fast. Pointers are originally bred as hunting dogs or gun dogs and they are extremely intelligent, loyal, protective and active, runs really fast.


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I am proud to have a dog named Phoebe, an ovcharka caucasian. I like her so much and the whole family too. Let me tell you the reasons why? She is so lovable because of her furry coat. She is gentle with my grandchildren chasing around with them when they arrived from school. Though we noticed that a relationship have been established between her and my grandchildren, we do not leave them alone to play. She is strong and sometimes I feel nervous if they play too much and become rugged. She is only three months when we got her but bones were well built and her paws were large. I am planning to put her in a big cage enough for her to move around but it is going to hurt our feelings seeing her in that situation. She made a lot of scratches in our door and barks a lot when she hears strange noises outside the house. I will seek professional trainer for her. I want her develop good traits and habits.


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I'm proud to have a dog named brownie,This dog is male and he have a 5 puppies and I love to play with his puppies. If I have to choice another dog I chosed Brownie because this dog is so loveable dog I want to hug this dog 24/7. When I'm going to home this dog are waiting for me and he jump me and he want to hug and I hug this dog. I LOVE YOU BROWNIE!!