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Favorite Breed?

My favorite breed is a Labrador. I had a chocolate lab and a yellow lab. The chocolate lab saved my life when I was little girl when two bigger stray dogs decided to wonder into my yard and became very aggressive. My Lab stayed between me and the two dogs even though they towered over him. Luckily my dad heard me screaming and came to the rescue before too much damage was done. But my Lab saved my life. They truly are self-sacrificing, loyal, loving dogs.
I currently have a Dachshund and a Lab mix. I had a Chihuahua mix before as well. I've loved them all but I love my doxie th most. She's very sweet and playful. However, I really want to have a Pug. Their almost-sad face looks very cute to me. They're just so adorable in my opinion. I hope I can have one someday.


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We don't have room for anything but a small dog where we live. Plus we don't have a fenced-in yard, so it would be hard to keep a larger dog. But I adore larger dogs. I really like a Pyrenees! They are like huge teddy bears, gentle and sweet, and very low-key.
I can't be really objective when it comes to this question in particular, because I haven't met a lot of dogs to generalize a breed, but I think that my favorite one is Boxer, they are so cute! Most of them look kind of intimidating, but they are really adorable and offensive when you know them a little bit better. In that sense, I really like dogs that play with your perception.
I haven't owned one, but I love how pugs look like, I think that they always look adorable, but still, I haven't even met one yet, but it would be nice to have one in the future.
I have had several good dogs during my life. However, I owned a full blooded doxie and fell in love!!! They are happy to be any where you are. They miss you when your gone and are so happy to see you when you come through the door. That breed taught me the meaning of the phrase "constant companion".


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I like small breeds. I really do want to get a pug 'cause they look so adorable and they're so funny watching them from YouTube. It just melts my heart whenever I see one. Maltese terriers are so cute, too. They look like stuffed toys. So if I will get my next canine, I would choose either of the two.
Shi tzu is my favorite breed. I love small and fluffy dogs. Shi tzu would be a great example of that. Shi tzu’s are very adorable and easy take good care. They are very sweet and loyal.
One of my favorite breed is the Labrador Retriever, Because of its innate loyalty and jolly personality. With the right owner It can follow commands easily and will give its owner/s a relief from stress of everyday life.
One thing also that I like about them is that they know that you're happy or sad (I don't know why). Maybe, that's the reason that there are man's best friend.
There are a lot of breeds of dogs but one thing that catches my attention and poked my affection to dogs is the Siberian Husky. Huskies are a breed of dog that originated in Russia, and they are also considered as working dogs. They used to pull sledges and travel on an icy terrain for a period of time together with their handlers or master. We can see in some Hollywood movies; Angelina Jolie's Tomb Raider, and the late Paul Walker's 8 Below, wherein they used Huskies to travel in great distance using a sledge.

There are several reasons why I love this breed of wolf-looking dog, aside from its very good looking appearance. Huskies had this characteristics of being very adaptable, once they entered your house and meet the other members of the family, they will have their game face on and starts to entertain you. They are very friendly and gentle breed of dog. Another thing I appreciate about huskies is their intelligence that makes them very independent, not knowing that they sometimes overstep and even invade your own privacy. If you don't like walking or running, this breed of dog isn't for you. Huskies loved to run, and let me just say, in great length. They are working dogs so keeping them active is a must to prevent them from obesity that can lead to some illness as the dog gets old.

Living in an apartment or condominium buildings is one of the disadvantage if you have a husky, because they came from the bloodline of wolves, they tend to howl for some reason that can disturb your neighbors. Huskies tend to howl that can wake you in your beauty rest.

If you like walking your dog inside your subdivision or in a park wherein there are also dogs present, you might not need to worry because huskies are dog friendly. Not only dogs, if you have kids in your abode this is one of the good reason to have a husky. Huskies are kid friendly breed of dog, they are sometimes overprotective specially of babies. They are very playful that matches the energy of your kids at home.

With invested patience, huskies are also trainable. Huskies are very intelligent and can easily adopt to the task, or tasks, given to them. They can react faster, and since they are a working dog, they can move faster when you want them to run and get something for you.

If you don't want responsibility or in any kind, huskies aren't just for you. Grooming is one of the main responsibilities that a husky owner should consider before adopting or owning one. And huskies tend to shed like everyday, depending on the season. They have a double coat wherein it protects them from hot and cold temperatures. Having said that, if you want to see your dog with softer and cleaner coat make sure to brush your dog's coat regularly. And vacuum your house as well as the dog's coat might sometimes be in your sofa or in areas of your kitchen where huskies tend to run around.

Finally, huskies are a breed of dog for everyone. We just need to keep them clean all the time and make sure their diet are monitored. We are also required to visit our local veterinary at least once a month for check ups and for their supplements.

A happy dog, a happy life.

My favorite breed is also the Siberian Husky for the sole reason that they look cool! :cool: These dogs are also intelligent, perfect to be a companion.
Shi tzu is one of my favorite breed, they are very adorable and loyal. They are also very sweet, when you come home from work they will be the first one to welcome you. The downside is you should be very patient with them and take good care of their grooming because they are prone to tangled hair.


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A mongrel :) they don't have any specific breed but they are equally lovable as those pure breeds. My first ever dog was a mongrel, he grew up very protective, caring and loving he was like a brother to everyone. He opened my family's heart for dogs and that is why we always find ourselves rescuing and adopting them. :)
For me it's shih tzus. We have a shih tzu right now and he has a fantastic temperament, doesn't shed, is great with our kids, and loves going on walks but is just as content hanging out and chilling! I couldn't ask for more in a dog and I think they'll be the kind of dog that is a part of our family for the rest of our lives.