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  1. studentph

    How do I comfort my dog?

    I live in the Philippines and most of the pet owners here disregard their dog and thinks it'sokay to lock them up in a cage forever, I however don't think that should be the case. I am seeing a lot of worrying signs with regards to my dog such as anxiety and they always bark especially when...
  2. Sev7en

    Hello DogsForum. (*Arf! Arf!)

    A pleasant day to all dog lovers. How're your dogs right now? Having a pet dog has been a part of our culture regardless of our nationality or race. Even our great ancestors adopted their own dogs during their time and experienced the same feeling just like what we feels everytime our lovable...
  3. Happilypet

    Hi guys. I open new pet shop and i need some of your help.

    I open new pet shop. And i want you to go there and check it out if you like it give me a comment. I'm new in this and i want my shop to be the very best. If you want to help me Thank you. Here is the link: happilypet.com
  4. Y

    Dog Lover

    hello to my co-dog lovers.its so nice to join here, I hope we can share some tips to protect our fur babies. Let's help each other =) what's the best food for our babies? and how to train our dog?
  5. Miki.delrey

    My dog sometimes secretes a rusty metallic smell.

    Hi guys! :) I just want to ask if it's normal that sometimes dogs secrete this rusty metallic kind of smell? it has always baffled me on what's the cause of the smell. Eventually, I got used to it. But still, I want to know what causes it, because it might be a symptom of diseases or something...
  6. Miki.delrey

    Does your dog usually nibbles on your pants or on your clothes?

    Good day everyone! :) I have a question if your dogs also have this habit of nibbling (the way hamsters and rodents eat/bite or chew). because my dog usually does this especially if she's excited seeing me and try to stand up and lean on me and then nibble my pants. I think it's cute but...
  7. Martinsx

    Eating dog meat : How Disgusting

    People would always amaze me with the things they get involved with and one of the craziest one I have witnessed is when people see dogs as edible meat. Some part of states in my country Nigeria are very notorious when it comes to consuming dog meat and this hurts me down to my soul. Have you...
  8. Martinsx

    Dog Abuse

    Animals will always be animal, there is no way they are going to behave like human beings no matter the kind of training given to them. Sometimes a little discipline is encouraged to set the track straight in letting the dog know what it did was wrong. But this doesn't give the dog owner the...
  9. Martinsx

    How do you prefer your dog?

    Dogs are homely pets that can make your life a wonderful one by keeping you company and can actually help you with some errands when they are trained well. Now, when it comes to making a dog selection and how I want my dog to behave, I practically don't fancy a noisy dog that barks too much. I...
  10. ivukadinovic

    Leaving your dog home alone

    Hi. I work 8-hour shift every day. I come home all tired and sometimes I don't have enough strength to take him for a walk so we just stay home and play fetch or something that's fun for him. Aris doesn't care, as long as I boost him with lots of attention. We go outside approximately 4 times a...
  11. R

    What killed your dog?

    Its a reality that at some point in life, we would have to bid farewell to our pets or the other way round. Some dogs are lucky to have a long lifespan and live to a ripe old age but in other circumstances, death is caused by diseases and road accidents. My uncle's two dogs died as a result of...
  12. gracer

    My Loyal Companion

    Hello everyone! :) I would just like to share how I really appreciate my dog's presence and the loyal companion it gives me. I am a stay-at-home mom who also works at home in my computer, and most of the time it is just me and my dog who's left in the house. Sometimes when I'm just too tired...
  13. R

    Do dogs decode language?

    There was this dog who I loved very much and he was a constant companion when I was at home. I usually went to the kitchen in the morning to the fireplace to prepare breakfast and always switched the radio on. The dog seemed to be listening attentively to news to the extent that he got engrossed...
  14. R

    When a dog rejects food

    Sometimes dogs reject food based on their own proclivities or an emotional and possibly a physical problem that it is possibly suffering from. This results in emaciation and physical deterioration at a time when it needs food most in order to have forbearance to cope with the situation. What do...
  15. R

    Handling a mature newbie

    Many people buy mature dogs and then try to integrate them into their homes. Since it is a new environment, they are usually nervous and cautious. They look evasive and apprehensive and can even be a threat to children. Caging them would not be a viable option since it would take them much...
  16. Maria.Rosado95

    Show Me Those Mutts!

    So I've noticed that a lot of users here have purebred dogs. Here's a post where we can share pictures of our precious mutts! If you have purebreds and want to share a picture, that's okay, I mean, who doesn't love to look at dog pictures?! I had 3 dogs, I now have 2. The one we had to get rid...
  17. R

    Deworming solution

    Which medicine do you use to deworm your pet? Most pet owners vaccinate their dogs, administer fumigants to remove parasites and take them to the vet to operate on a fractured femur but forget the crucial aspect of deworming. Dogs like scavenging for scraps of food and may in the process ingest...
  18. R

    Hi there!

    I am James. I am new here. I am a dog enthusiast. I look forward to navigating the place and have a reinvigorating sharing experience. Keep the fire burning.
  19. Wolfheart57

    Find a responsible Breeder

    I was referred to my breeder by a friend who is the ultimate dog lover. She's a walking dog dictionary. So I trusted her when I told her I wanted two healthy German Shepards that weren't bred through family members. I had watch and didn't want pups who are the offspring of mother and son...
  20. Wolfheart57

    Removing the Dewclaw and Docking

    I just watched a video where a veterinarian removed the dewclaws on puppies and then docked their tails. I get that the breed standard demands it that but I view it as a from a mutilation. I grew up in a place where there is ice and all the dogs depend on their dewclaw to cling to the ice if...