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dog trainer

  1. Y

    Dog Lover

    hello to my co-dog lovers.its so nice to join here, I hope we can share some tips to protect our fur babies. Let's help each other =) what's the best food for our babies? and how to train our dog?
  2. ivukadinovic

    Leaving your dog home alone

    Hi. I work 8-hour shift every day. I come home all tired and sometimes I don't have enough strength to take him for a walk so we just stay home and play fetch or something that's fun for him. Aris doesn't care, as long as I boost him with lots of attention. We go outside approximately 4 times a...
  3. Corzhens

    Choose a real dog trainer

    We hired a dog trainer when our 3-year old dogs were still puppies. Pipoy, the hyperactive pug, and Barbie, the pekingese, were trained for an hour session 3 times a week for 3 months. It was a long period of training and although the fee is much less than other trainers, it is still expensive...