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dog grooming

  1. Y


    hey guys. what's the best styles for my 8months old baby shih? and how often bathing your dogs?
  2. Miki.delrey

    My dog sometimes secretes a rusty metallic smell.

    Hi guys! :) I just want to ask if it's normal that sometimes dogs secrete this rusty metallic kind of smell? it has always baffled me on what's the cause of the smell. Eventually, I got used to it. But still, I want to know what causes it, because it might be a symptom of diseases or something...
  3. beli

    Summer Cuts?

    My American Cocker used to get a summer cut for warm weather. My mom and sister did the same with their Princess Cocker. Does your long haired breed get a summer cut when things began to warm up? Do you wait for summer? What breed is your long haired dog? Do you think summer cuts will become...