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dog food

  1. Y

    Dog food

    hi guys. Is it okay to feed my baby a chicken with rice,or beef and pork with rice everyday? he doesn't like dog foods like purina or pedigree brand.he's 8months old shi.
  2. Y

    Dog Lover

    hello to my co-dog lovers.its so nice to join here, I hope we can share some tips to protect our fur babies. Let's help each other =) what's the best food for our babies? and how to train our dog?
  3. Christina

    What brand of food do you use?

    We've been feeding my dog Nutro Natural Choice since he was a puppy. He used to have a sensitive stomach, and this seemed to work best for him. He still enjoys it, though every once in a while he seems to need some extra incentive to eat (like cheese or a bit of crushed up treats). Do you...