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  1. ivukadinovic

    How do you give medicine to your cat?

    My Tomas got hurt two times. He once fell off the building where we live. He was chasing some pigeons or some other birds. He was literally BROKEN. His upper jaw was split, his legs had multiple fractures also, his tail was bad. He is happy he survived. After the surgery, I had to give him some...
  2. Wolfheart57

    How do you give your cat a bath?

    I usually have to fill the tub with warm water first. While the tub is filling up, I put away everything but the cat shampoo, conditioner, cup, and towels. I tie the shower curtain around the bar so my cats won't climb up it. Then I go on the hunt for one of my dangerous fur-balls. I tend to...
  3. Wolfheart57

    Should it be legal to declaw a cat?

    I consider it abuse to declaw a cat because it's basically crippling the cat. Should this still be legal or not, and why?