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    fila brasileiro thoughts

    Recently, some friend of mine offered me to adopt a fila brasileiro female pup. And I really don't know, fila brasileiro breeds are overzealous guardian dogs, an adult one can't stand the sight of strangers. I have a wide backyard suitable for a dog breed of that size, but I'm afraid that is...
  2. R

    Anyone who owns a Spaniel?

    I have seen some information about a dog breed called the Spaniel. I think it is a large dog and it is very kid friendly. Kids are supposed to go with larger dogs since they have been known to treat smaller dogs as toys and might injure them. The Spaniel has a waterproof coat and this is an...
  3. Wolfheart57

    Find a responsible Breeder

    I was referred to my breeder by a friend who is the ultimate dog lover. She's a walking dog dictionary. So I trusted her when I told her I wanted two healthy German Shepards that weren't bred through family members. I had watch and didn't want pups who are the offspring of mother and son...