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  • AlitaMirjah
    AlitaMirjah replied to the thread Favorite movies.
    I am fed up with typical kind of movies and recently watching Korean Movies and found them amazing. Here are few that you should watch...
  • AlitaMirjah
    Instead of spending a lot on the take care of your own dog, why don't you run a dog walking business? Recently with the help of few...
  • A
    My pug and mongrel labrador are in heat. They are both sensitive this days. Dey the pug don't eat much and is picky with her food and it...
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  • littlewitch66
    littlewitch66 replied to the thread How do you name your dogs?.
    My dogs were rescued and already named when I had them so I kept them because I thought they were familiar with them and would make them...
  • D
    dogarc18 replied to the thread A snake for a pet.
    Nope! Definitely not. Everyone in my house will freak out if I have a snake in a corner or just around the area, lol.
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    dogarc18 replied to the thread Dog Jokes.
    hahaha...that's a song...
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    dogarc18 liked Kakashi2020's post in the thread Dog Jokes.
    Every snack you make, every meal you bake. Every bite you take, I’ll be watching you.
  • Reuben720
    If you looks closely at a cats claw you will notice a pinkish film inside the nail. This is a blood vessel in the nail. It is part of...
  • P
    Pinz27 replied to the thread A snake for a pet.
    I could not imagine having a snake pet at home. That's my greatest fear to watch a snake. I don't know, I couldn't afford to even watch...
  • P
    We had pet dogs since then.They have been part our family. We usually train them simple tricks like sitting down, eat their food...
  • A
    Hello guys. Meet my dogs, the little one is Deydey and the big snobbish one is Charm. I have two more Copper and Charlie, I will show...
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  • charmie
    charmie replied to the thread How do I comfort my dog?.
    Different dogs have different needs, before you decide to have a dog as a pet you must first make a research what suits your...
  • charmie
    charmie replied to the thread Do dogs decode language?.
    I agree with you Lanea, in addition to that I believe that they could detect our emotions and gestures better than our language. To site...
  • mikaelmatt152312
    mikaelmatt152312 replied to the thread My Loyal Companion.
    My dog is a very much loyal companion because I could tell to her each and everything about my insights, my problems, and everything...
  • redmanstar
    redmanstar replied to the thread How do you name your dogs?.
    My daughters gets to name our dog, they've usually based it on the current movie with a dog that they've watch. The first dog that my...