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Your dog's antics

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We have 3 dogs and each of them have their own antics.

Tisoy is a 9-year old spitz who would be hiding under the table when he senses that it is bathing time. But he hears that we are going on a joyride, he would be agitated on end.

Barbie is our pekingese who acts up during breakfast. She wants to be hand-fed because our former housemaid had spoiled her. When we show the slipper to her, she would slowly eat her food. But we never hit her, the slipper is just a threat.

Pipoy is a hyperactive pug that has no tantrum except when we let him loose inside the house. He would jump all over the sofa and chairs.


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Our Shiba is terrified of the strangest things, and we can never predict what new item she may be terrified by! Our lawn mower? Her best friend. A plastic bag wrinkling across the room? You'd think it was there to murder her.
My Bruce is an approximately 80 pound Pit Bull who thinks he is a lap dog. Even now, as I sit here writing this, he is curled up on my lap. I don't think he is aware of his size. Or he is just so desperate for all the love he can get that he just doesn't care.
My dog also hide when he hear the water on bathroom start because he feel that I will clean him already. My dog really hates water but I cannot stop cleaning him for his own good :)