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Woof! and Hello

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Jezeray, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Jezeray

    Jezeray Member

    I'm in Florida, US now. My avatar pic was taken at a campground in Pennsylvania. Right now my only dog is a 9-year-old poodle-mix (17 inches at the shoulder, 25 pounds). We found him at an SPCA when he was two years old. We've spent a lot of time on training, including classes and professional work.

    I grew up with dogs, mostly German Shepherds and shepherd mixes. My last dog before the current one was a mid-content wolf-dog that I got when I was 14 and kept into adulthood. Unfortunately, she needed to be put down about four years ago.

    I'm enjoying the lack of shedding I get with a doodle but the grooming is pretty time consuming (and expensive!). Still, my home is a lot cleaner with him than when I had a dog who blew coat twice a year.

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