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Wood floor newspaper mold method

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Dec 5, 2017.

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    Wood scattered porous material, heartwood sapwood clear distinction. Heartwood reddish-brown, the darker the atmospheric oxidation; sapwood brown to reddish brown, some with green hues. Growth round is not obvious or slightly see. Tube hole in the naked eye obvious, tundish rich.
    Axial parenchyma visible under the naked eye, wing-shaped, poly wing, ring tubular and ribbon. Wood ray magnifying glass can be seen to be slightly more obvious, the density of thin to medium and narrow. Wave marks and no signs of intercellular tract. Wood is shiny, the new section micro-lemon flavor, no special taste; texture straight or slightly oblique, the structure fine to medium, slightly uniform.
    Wood properties: Dry shrinkage: the chord is 4.4% ~ 8.3%; 2.4% radial. Wood weight; air-dry density 0.83g / cm³); middle to high strength; parallel grain compressive strength of 60MPa, flexural strength of 106MPa, flexural modulus of elasticity of 14GPa. Corrosion-resistant. Dry is not difficult, quite slow. Processing is not difficult.
    "настенные плиты белая твердая глазурь,kayu komposit untuk perabot luaran,как построить полый глиняный горшок в качестве напольной плиты "

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