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Wild Cats?

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I've been seeing a lot of pet stores advertise wild cats or half breeds with Savannahs cats and lynx hybrids. I have issues with people buying wild animals because they are unsafe. Do you have either of these breeds? What is your opinion of having a wild or hybrid cat as a pet?
I think wild cats are too dangerous to own, and if owning them isn't illegal, there should at least be strong restrictions placed on it. Preferably, though, it would be illegal, both for people's safety and for the wild cats' happiness.

I'm more on the fence about hybrid cats, honestly. Part of me loves the idea of owning a Savannah cat, but you're right that it's more dangerous than owning a house cat; it just comes with more risks. That said, the later generations of hybrids are said to be much safer, and obviously the less wild cat that a breed has in it, the safer they'll be. Once you get to the point that a cat is only half Savannah cat, that means it's only a quarter lynx, and at that point I'm not sure it's as unsafe as all that. And - again, I've heard, at least - once you get several generations into a Savannah cat line, they tend to be a whole lot more domesticated in temperament.