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Why dо dоgs аlwаys wаnt tо еаt whаt yоu аrе hаving instеаd оf еаting thеir оwn fооd? Is dоg fооd rеа


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Well, imagine being a dog. You get to eat the same food over and over day after day with very little variety and there isn't exactly a wide range of options available for dog food. So, I imagine that even just the smell of a cooked meal would be appealing to dogs, especially as it's in their nature to sniff out food instinctively. Imagine what the smell of cooked chicken would be like if you hadn't eaten anything but dog food for a year!
Believe it or not, dogs like variety as much as humans. They assume that you eat something different than they usually do and it peaks their interest. They can easily tell by the smell. If my dogs are interested in what I am eating and there is enough to share, I usually let them have some.
I charge it to curiosity. Dogs are mighty curious - much like cats in that regard. Also, their keen sense of smell would already give them an inkling that you're gobbling up something edible. So regardless if they can actually stomach it or not, dogs would like to have what you're eating just to know what it really tastes like. If they don't like it, they'll just ignore it after several bouts of sniffing or licking.
I think they are just trying to bond with their owner. We may see their actions as being fussy, but to them, they may see it as a form of interaction with us. I think dogs have relatively higher loyalty to humans than any other animals. Therefore, it is not surprise that they would want to do the same things as us so as to forge stronger relationship.
My experience with dogs has taught me once you feed them "off your plate" they will always want human food. We always try not to feed our pets scraps, because they always want more. Human food probably smells and taste better to them than dog food. You can make homemade dog treats to give them as special healthy treats.
I can only speak for my dog, Petey, but I feel like he feels like he is a part of our "pack" and just wants to enjoy everything we enjoy. He even sits there and watches TV with us. He even acts like he is paying attention and gets riled up when an action scene comes on. I will say that he does not like it when he sees other dogs on TV. He feels like they are in his house when they shouldn't be. However, when we take him on walks to the regular park or the dog park, he is fine with other dogs around, because I think he knows that it is neutral territory.
Maybe it's the attraction of and the smell of the food that the human are having which attracts the dog which makes it want to partake. We must remember that variety in the types of dog food is limited as opposed to what is available for humans. Another factor is that dogs a usually very close to their owners and have become like and are always seeking to be somewhat a real family member and they participate in many activities with their owners, therefore, the dogs might also want to have the types of food that their owners are having which are suitable to them.
Doesn't that harken back to when dogs took down a prey, everyone in the pack got a piece of the kill. I think that dogs view their human as part of the pack. So when we eat, they believe it is part of the kill and would like some as well.


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I don't think dog food is that bad but imagine eating the same food every day. I also think it has something to do with the smell of the food and no the actual taste if that makes any sense.
I see it as a matter of discipline. Dogs (and other pets) tend to see themselves as our equals, so similarly to children we need to draw a line because if we offer them our food once they will want it all the time.
I am trying not to give my dog table scrap because he will start begging when he sees someone eats. My sons however, loves to sneak him a bit here and there.

When we eat, I gave him his bone and told him to go away to eat his. I can understand why he likes to eat with us though, as he is a part of the family.