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Why dо dоgs аlwаys wаnt tо еаt whаt yоu аrе hаving instеаd оf еаting thеir оwn fооd? Is dоg fооd rеа

Discussion in 'Dog Supplies' started by Benoit W, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Benoit W

    Benoit W New Member

    Рорulаr quеstiоn: Why dо dоgs аlwаys wаnt tо еаt whаt yоu аrе hаving instеаd оf еаting thеir оwn fооd? Is dоg fооd rеаlly thаt bаd?

    It's thеir sосiаl аnd survivаl instinсt thаt thеy wаnt tо gеt hоld оf vаriеty оf fооds аnd tаstе it. Sоmеtimеs my dоg tаstеs а fооd аnd lеаvе it аftеr tаsting. Whilе аt timеs it mаy bе its mеаl. But yоu hаvе tо bе rеаlly саrеful in this саsе bесаusе nоt еvеry fооd is gооd fоr yоur dоg.

    It's nоt thаt thе dоg fооd is bаd, it is thаt dоgs аrе sосiаl аnimаls аnd thеy wаnt tо dо whаtеvеr yоu аrе dоing. Расk mеmbеrs shаrе thеir fооd, еvеn if it isn't vеry gооd fооd, thеy аll еаt it tоgеthеr.

    I hаvе а friеnd whо brings hеr dоg оvеr tо my hоusе. Оnе еvеning wе wеrе еаting mаtzоh (а рlаin unsаltеd сrасkеr) whilе wе wеrе wаiting fоr dinnеr tо finish сооking. I gаvе thе dоg а рiесе оf mаtzоh аnd shе рut it оn thе grоund аnd didn't еvеn think it wаs fооd. Sо I mаdе а big shоw оf еаting my mаtzоh, аnd hеr оwnеr mаdе а shоw оf еаting hеr mаtzоh, аnd thеn thе dоg аtе hеr mаtzоh. Shе didn't rеаlly likе it but sinсе wе wеrе еаting it shе wеnt аlоng with us.
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  2. djspaniel

    djspaniel New Member

    I totally agree with that. Dogs don't think of humans as "masters" or anything. They think of humans in the house as part of the pack. So, if you're eating something, the dog will want to try it out too. My spaniel is so spoiled, I actually have to pretend to eat something before he even touches his bowl, because he only eats when I eat. Of course, once he starts eating, he doesn't even listen to me anymore :p
  3. Corzhens

    Corzhens Member

    A breeder once told us that if we treat our dogs as family then the dogs would have the feeling that they are humans. We called that breeder when we planned to have our first dog mated. But the stud was having difficulty because Jedi was resistant. That's the time that the breeder said our dog felt that she is human so she wouldn't want to mate with a dog.

    With the food that we eat, dogs think that they are nutritious for them since we ourselves eat it. Every meal times, our 2 white dogs are in the dining room, waiting for us to finish our meal. It is the habit of my husband to give them crumbs after eating. So whenever possible (with the menu like meat or fish) the dogs have a sample of sorts.
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  4. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson New Member

    Dogs will always have a greedy nature. Whenever food is being consumed, you will have their undivided attention. Its in the nature of most animals to act like this, its a survival instinct shaped by evolution. The greediest dogs throughout history have always been those who manage to get enough food to survive, and in the animal kingdom that may well mean fighting for it. Millions of years of this behaviour have created dogs that genetically will be conditioned to eat whatever they can, whenever they can. Take your dog out to a public barbeque area and unless your dog has been trained to working-dog standards then you will find their attention constantly wandering to strangers who are cooking and consuming food, even if you've trained them to stay by your side no matter what, they will be watching the food.
  5. Ladyferoz

    Ladyferoz Member

    This is true. I could swear that my puppy follows our chewing motions whenever we are snacking, I try not to feed him scraps because it is not good for him and he also does not learn boundaries. He will end up crying every time we eat. There are times where he just stares at us as we eat, and it is difficult not to give in. I now moved his dinnertime to coincide with ours.
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  6. Steve Dawson

    Steve Dawson New Member

    That made me laugh Ladyferoz. I used to have a beautiful corgi-lab cross called Sampson. I would feed him as I was starting to eat my own dinner so that he would leave me alone. All that he did was eat his own dinner extra fast so that he could get back in time to watch me eat my own dinner with those sad, sad eyes of his. Seriously though, try not to give in, once he knows that you will give in if he pesters you enough he'll be in the habit of doing it for life. Hes already learned your boundaries, he's just pushing them and trying to get his own way. Puppies are just like toddlers (Young Children aged 3-5) in that way. Don't give in now, and he will accept the way things are once he realises you won't budge.
  7. Corzhens

    Corzhens Member

    We give scraps to our dogs depending on what we eat. When we have seafoods on the menu, it is a no-no likewise with dishes cooked with tomato sauce or plenty of salt.

    And we only give when we are done eating. It is actually my husband who had spoiled them. We call it "sample" for them although their food is different. And while being given those scrap samples, their food is being prepared by the housemaid. As you can see, the scraps we give our dogs are like appetizers which stimulate them into eating their meal.
  8. Loopulk

    Loopulk New Member

    My dogs are exactly like what some others are describing. They'll beg and beg for a piece of food only to taste it and not eat the rest. They do this with ice cubes and it's annoying sometimes.
  9. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    I believe that secretly dogs want to be like us, they believe they are equals and that is why they want our food. I have many fond memories of sharing food with dogs and even if it's a bad habit (naturally!) it's great to see the look on their eyes when they manage to get something from the table or from the dish. The issue is that a split second later they want more! :D
  10. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    I agree - I think that dogs just love their human companions so much they emulate them, want to be next to them, doing what they do. So it stands to reason they want to eat what humans eat. I think it's adorable, and has always been a bonding experience with my dog.
  11. heavymetalkilos

    heavymetalkilos New Member

    Dogs just want to take a taste. I bet they think your food must be good and want to take a piece and get confirmed is it good or not, haha! Also, I think their food can get boring sometimes and since they're not used to have sweet things to bite on frequently they remember that what we give to them tastes interesting and good, so they want to have that even more.
  12. LaurenR7

    LaurenR7 New Member

    Dogs are very scent oriented animals. Most things they do revolve around smell and how they feel about certain smells. They are constantly smelling everything, from strangers, to the random dog's poop at the park. On that note, it is obvious that they will eat anything that smells appealing to them. We have had dogs that will eat almost anything. Whenever you cook, or bring food around them that puts off a strong aroma, they are sure to be right there, ready to check it out. Be careful about what you feed dogs though. There are many things that they should not eat, and all human food should be fed only once in awhile.
  13. puli93

    puli93 New Member

    Oh no, dogs are just cute little weirdos, they always want that you are eating.
    Dog food is mostly good for them and there are several brands and flavors out there, maybe try a new one if your dog doesn't like his.
  14. remnant

    remnant Member

    Dogs look up to their masters. Due to their trusting nature, they have that innate feeling that something better or tastier is cooking in your plate. Dogs also have an acute sense of smell. Since human food is made to appeal to our senses, dogs detect this faster. But the sense of smell is not necessarily in tandem with the sense of taste. This is what makes your pet to just sniff on the food you offer. Dogs are also very protective when it comes to food and look up to you to expand their territory. The most crucial point of contact between a pet and its owner is food. Some pets have literally been lured to other homes or stolen using food as a bait!
  15. sillylucy

    sillylucy Member

    I think that they smell our yummy food and they just want a taste. They eat the same food everyday. Think about it. Imagine if you were given chicken to eat everyday. Sure it is healthy and good for you, but you get tired of eating the same thing. I like to give my dog rice and variety!
  16. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    Some of you are so detached.

    If you had to eat the same flavored dry crumbles or cans of soggy, room temperature meat for days on end, and you are living with people that had all of these smelly food things, you would also want some of the smelly food things, especially because your nose told you what it tasted like. They want to experience food exactly like you do, and they are honest enough to show it in their behavior at all times.
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  17. oportosanto

    oportosanto Member

    Haha, so maybe that's straight to the point, they want to eat the same tasty food we do right? Eventually that's something as simple as that, at the same time we have all seen dogs eating things we never would, so there has to be a difference in that area.
  18. remnant

    remnant Member

    Its not only dogs. Even other animals clamour for what is not at hand. The grass is always green on the on the other side. Dogs seem to appreciate the movement of food as one eats making it appear tastier than what they already have. It can also be advantageous as a defence mechanism. Dogs have been known to sniff food offered to detect the prescence of poisons especially if they have been poisoned in the past.
  19. lexinonomous

    lexinonomous Member

    It makes sense that a dog would want to share food with us. Dogs see us as a member of their family and at times I feel like my dogs just want to be involved in what I'm doing. Part of the reason they beg for food is due to the smell. I know that dog food isn't necessarily disgusting to them, but I'm sure that when we are sitting down for a steak meal, it smells way better than what they are having.
  20. rz3300

    rz3300 Member

    The first thing that I thought of was children who do the same thing. It is probably the fact that I work with kids so I just see it everyday, but it is kind of the same thing. I would chalk it up to a short attention span, where they will drop whatever they are doing, it could be something they have wanted for days, as long as something new comes along. I think that is sort of what is going on there when the dogs want our food. Of course my little guy does love chicken, though, so that also plays into it.

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