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What's your dog's favorite toy?

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Every dog has their favorite toy, some of them love squeaky balls, regular bones, stuffed animals, and even shoes and clothes in general, lol.
I think that my dog's favorite toy is a regular ball or something that he could chew for a really long time or something that's squeaky... so basically my dog loves all toys in general, I think!
So, what about your dog? what's your dog's favorite toy? :p
Petey, our beloved Beagle, loves tennis balls and racquetballs, but demolishes them. We bought him a Kong. It's virtually indestructible, comes in different sizes for dogs and we have sworn by them for all of our dogs. He does get a toy or two for Christmas in his stocking, but usually he destroys them quickly. There is one exception. He does have a toy baby doll that used to be mine when I was little but had no sentimental to me. Petey seemed to love it and he is very careful with her, like it's his own child. He even carefully takes her to bed with him and makes sure she is under the covers with him and everything. It is so sweet and endearing. If he can't find her, it's like he can't go to bed. However, for rougher play, the Kong is the toy to go with. Here's a link to where you can find them: https://www.kongcompany.com/ Like I said, they are a little more pricey but they last forever. I have only seen one dog ever to damage one and he was a beast of sorts and once we bought him the appropriate sized Kong for him, he wasn't able to destroy it.
My pup's favorite is a small ball with a bell in it and these plastic bouncy coils wrapped around it. It rolls and bounces and he holds it in his mouth and lets it go while running to catch it as it rolls and bounces. Hilarious to watch.
My girl's favorite toy is some sort of teddy bear. It used to have a squeaky in it but she chewed it out. I managed to "fix" the bear and it's still kicking around. She brings that thing everywhere, including in her bed every single night. If she can't find it for some reason she will only go to bed once she's located it.


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My dogs favorite toy is one of those Kong toys where you stick a treat inside. Even with nothing inside she loves to play with that thing for some reason. it's one of the few toys she doesn't break within a day so I like it too.
My doggies love ball and rope combination. I also love it too because it’s long-lasting and especially great for puppies. When my dogs drop the Rag Rope Ball from their mouth, It won’t roll too far away, but it will land on a different side and gives yet another dangling piece of rope for my dogs to start chewing on. Likewise, these dangling rope arms provide numerous opportunities for your dog to grab, carry, and toss the toy for added fun.
My dog's favorite toy used to be stuffed squeaky toys. She would love playing with those, bringing them to neighbors, and playing tug of war. Unfortunately, she would destroy them rather quickly, but that aspect contributed to its scarcity, and I think made her enjoy them some more. However, she's been much less interested in her more recent toys, and is only really interested in them for a few days or so, and I think that's because she's aging.
My dog's favorite toy is a ball. I noticed that he is always playing with it and enjoys it. Sometimes I woul also play with him by throwing the ball and he wil run after it, catch it nd bring it back to me. I also enjoy doing it because it relieves my stress.