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New to the forum, obviously. A lover of dogs, obviously. I've been one of those dudes who was kind of afraid of dogs as a child, yet still always wanted one. Obviously now as an adult i'm not scared of 'em anymore. I think even the most ferocious dog has a soft spot. I had a chihuahua as a kid and the thing was kinda crazy but I loved him. That was my first dog. Recently I had another chihuahua mix that me and my ex girlfriend adopted together. It was super cute and furry. It looked sort of like a tiny doberman. Very laidback little puppy, that we unfortunately lost to heartworm :/
We also adopted another mixed little guy that was one of the most loving dogs ever. White with brown spots, I believe a mix with a lab and something unknown. Another heartbreaking loss. Well, i've rambled too much at this point. Sorry my intro here was a bit sad, but that's unfortunately been my experience so far. Dogs are a blessing that leave us too soon but touch us just the same.