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What toys does your dog like?

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I know that dogs are playful by nature and they can play with almost anything. Some dogs like to play with humans things like clothes, water bottle and such. There are also toys that are made specially for them. For me, I have a small ball which I use to play with my dog. What about you?
This is going to sound silly, but my German Shepard is absolutely obsessed with plastic buckets and ropes. She will fling her rope into the air and run in circles like a crazy person. She also likes to destroy her bowls for food, so we have to put her food onto the ground now. She will go insane over feeding bowls and assumes they are fun toys for her own pleasure, ha ha.
Barbie our pekingese and youngest dog is fond of toys unlike the older Tisoy. She usually plays with the throw pillow in the living room's sofa so I bought her a small pillow that she can bite. With the way Barbie plays with the small pillow maybe she's imagining that it is a mouse.

Barbie's favorite toy is a small rubber ball the size of a tennis ball. It lights up with a sound when it is bitten. But we seldom give it to Barbie because she wouldn't stop playing with it until she gets exhausted, looking dehydrated sometimes. We limit the time she plays with her favorite toy.
The German Shepherd I grew up with, Jessie, adored squeaky toys and sprinklers. In the summertime, I'd spend hours chasing her and getting chased, mud wrestling and playing fetch with her. Good times.

Another dog, Rusty, who belonged to my grandmother, loved any toy that he could disembowel. In other words, stuffed animals. Mainly my stuffed animals. He'd chew microscopic holes into the toy's appendages then somehow suck or lick out the stuffing. Afterwards, he'd present the "skin" to my grandmother.
My shi tzu loves stuffed toys and funny enough, he would never rip them apart. His favorite is a brown teddy a bought for him on his last birthday, he would always have it walking about in the house. He would sleep with it, mostly resting his head on it and he'd play with it for most if not all of the day once he's not resting.
My dog is currently loving his frisbee that I bought for him a month a go. It had a squeaky ball in the middle of the ring, but that didn't last long. He chewed one side of the ball off and lost his squeaky, but he still loves that frisbee and carries it with him when he goes to bed :)
My schnauzer currently has a dinosaur toy that he really likes. When we take a walk in the morning, he takes that toy with him. I don't know about a dog's nature. So, I can see that dogs can have things they like. He also has a soccer ball because my neighbors' kids send it flying. He isn't very interested in them though.
My dogs strangely don't seem to like toys that much. The most they will do is fetch a ball that I sometimes throw for them. They are the lazy bunch, sigh.
I have tried to get my dog interested in toys, but they don't seem to capture his attention. Other than being chased by me, my dog seems to enjoy a round food ball. I can place his food inside of it then he has to roll it to make his food come out so he can ear it.


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Our dog used to play with slippers and was lurking around the neighbour's gardens too, stealing slippers and child toys. I don't think I ever apologized that much in my life to strangers.


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My big dog likes tennis balls a lot, everytime he's running around he has a ball in his mouth that he wants you to throw. We even made him a separate bowl for his balls near his water and food ones.
My little one isn't that much of a toy enthusiast, he plays with ropes and frisbees but that's about it.
I gave my dog a soft baby toy to chew on and he loves it! He goes everywhere with it in his mouth and I have to pry it out of his jaws every time before we go on a walk. It wears out after a few weeks though due to his constant gnawing and I usually add in a new one to his collection. Once he gets used to the new one, I'll sneakily remove the old one, but keep it with me, hidden, for a few days before throwing it out, just in case he acts up.