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What dogs do you have


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2 Yorkshire terriers. Why? It's much smaller mess, when a small dogs do that and they are extremely friendly. Besides, I've never seen funnier dogs than these two.
I have a boxer pitbull that I found on craigslist for free. Before her (Layla), I was a die-hard cat person and even considered myself anti-dog. I was just cruising on Craigslist one day and saw her face and it was love at first sight. Since I knew nothing about dogs, it's been a learning experience understanding her wants and needs, since dogs are SO different from cats. Now, I'm obsessed with dogs. If I see one on the street while I'm driving I always have to check them out and plot how I can kidnap them (not really, dogs are just so cute). Definitely the biggest joy in my life. I love my dog Layla!
I have a 6 or 7 year old (we don't know his real age because we found him) American Water Spaniel named Marley. He is big, stinky and has super curly hair. He is currently our only dog right now. We used to have 3 dogs at one point and our house always felt full of love. Marley doesn't like other dogs though and just wants to be the only dog of the house. He loves his bed and he loves to be spoiled.
We have a boxer named Luna, sweet girl. We got her when my son was 2, now she's 2 and he's 4 and they're inseparable. Since she couldn't sleep in his bed (we knew she'd get too big and possibly crush him) we placed a big dog bed in our own bedroom right next to a heating vent. She loves it there, especially in the winter. Every once in a while she'll somehow sneak onto our bed but for the most part she sleeps in hers.


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I only have 1 dog, she is a German Shepherd, Black Lab, Husky mix. My dog is 7 years old with medical issues but she is so hyper and acts like a puppy, its very draining. I've thought about getting another dog but my apartment isn't big enough.
We currently have two dogs, one is a full bred English Chocolate Lab and the other a Pitbull/Lab/Boxer mix. I have not had many full bred dogs in my life as we always rescued mixes as I was growing up, but when I was high school I wanted to have a full bred and purchased my first, a pug whose name was MooShoo and I kept that name for him. We eventually found another pug, Eli, who needed a much better home and took him in at the age of 8.

While we had these pugs, Bailey, the English Chocolate Lab came into our lives as a gift from my mother. He had needed a new home as his previous owners were moving where they were unable to take him. His name was previously Toby and it really did not fit him... so I chose the name Bailey for him. He's been an amazing addition to our family, but when we had to put the pugs down, one due to a serious problem with a disc in his back and the other to old age, Bailey became very depressed. This is when another mix came into our lives.

Bear came to us via Craigslist. When we saw him we knew we had to meet him. This rambunctious bundle of crazy excitement was 10 months old when we met him. We new the minute we met him that we had to take him home. He instantly not only connected well with Bailey, but felt at home the moment he walked in the door. I know this because by the end of that first day, he was sprawled out on the couch on his back, belly fully exposed. It was that moment that I knew he was supposed to be part of lives for a reason. That reason eventually showed itself in the manner of assistance for my depression and anxiety. He is now my full, owner trained Service Dog.

We have had our adventures with both full bred and mix dogs and I am of the firm belief that it really doesn't matter the breed or type of dog you choose because when you find the right dog for you, you'll know not by what breed the dog is or how show worthy he or she is, but by the connection you feel with that dog.
My current dog is a 9 or 10 year old Chocolate Labrador-Pitbull mix named Hazel. I don't know how much she weighs, but she's aging, and it's getting worse. Either way, I love Hazel to death, and I'm so glad I have her in my life. My family got her 6 years back or so I believe when we adopted her from the shelter, and when we saw her, we almost unanimously agreed that she would be the right dog for us, and like I mentioned, I'm really blessed to be Hazel's owner, and she's a really great dog.
I have one dog, a chihuahua. Very happy with her, she is a precious dog. My daughter and her husband have a pedigrede black German Shepherd, he is a beauty! My son and his wife have a Pit Bull. He is a great family dog. The kids love him.
I have a 10 and 1/2 year old Miniature Schnauzer. Her name is Bettyboop, and she is solid white. I also have a Pitbull Terrier. His name is Myloh. He is two years or age. It is amazing the difference in the amount of dogfood he eats compared to Betty.
I also have two dogs a male and a female but my dogs were just an aspen since I cannot afford to have some imported dogs because it is very rare in my locations. I really like them because they are very nice and cool to each other. They are partner and I wish they could have a baby soon so that I can have another dogs in our house.


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Uhm... Too many to mention hahaha! Kidding. I have Labrador, Siberian Husky, Dalmatian, Papillon, beagle, shih tzu, pointer and the rest are mixed breeds or mongrel... I have a new added baby! She's a St. Bernard :)
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I have just one (avatar pic) he is a rescue mutt. They claimed he is a german shepherd/boxer mix but he doesn't look like that at all, and they never actually tested him. Apparently he was rescued with his mother and siblings, and his mother was also a mixed breed. He's really a great dog, docile, friendly, cuddly, not aggressive at all but has a very manly bark that freaks people out. We live in a tourist/vacation town so people trespassing on our property to get a better angle for pictures or just hang out on our front porch is a daily issue. I'm not joking, at least once per day there is a random person/entire family sitting on my front porch. As soon as the doggo sees them he barks like a madman and it terrifies them.
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I have only one dog right now. It is a local dog from the Philippines. His name is bunny. I do love his characteristic because he is a sweet loving dog. Before I have a lot of dogs but right now I decided to have only one. I find it hard to maintain too many dogs.
A dog we have is a pitbull. I like this breed for its strength, hight, aura, and personality. The sound of his bark is deep and strong. It has a commanding tone that when someone nearby hears him bark, it would be something to think twice, lol.
I live with my parents and my 6 months dog , in the middle of the city . I drive him every day to the park to his playground where I let him out of the leash and let him run in peace . It is very funny especially when I play with him and bark to me as if he is arguing. My dog, honestly draws the attention of most people on the street. And when they touch him or talk to him, my dog starts to queue and jump on them for happiness. Sure, I argued him but I have nothing to do as long as he's just a dwarf. His name is Rocky, he has a dense black fur like his german wolf race.
You can see him here , Rocky , he's so hilarious.
I have currently four dogs. <3

The eldest one is Quirky World. I had him when I was 1st year highschool. He is an askal or a Filipino dog. My Quirky World is still my baby even though he's an adult dog or a big brother to his other dog siblings. I remember the day when he is nowhere to be found, and I already shed a tear. I thought of things like, I cannot live without my baby. But the day after, he went home, and we just found out he was courting a bitch. huhu my baby World.

My second baby is Tammy Boy. I got him at Baguio, Philippines when I was in my 3rd year in highschool. He is a Labrador. When I had him, the seller told us that he is just a small pup, but as he grew older, I realized he is not just a simple pup but a lab! Honestly, he is the biggest among my dogs. My baby Tammy Boy is the most selfless dog I know. He's my bear and I could hug him all day. I dunno how to let a day pass by without him. He is one of my happiness and I know he's gonna have a trophy or medal in dog's heaven. But not real soon please, Lord.

My third baby is finally a girl! Her name is Winky Pinky. She is a Japanese Spitz and honestly she is my only baby girl! She is the rose among the thorns hahaha. This girl is a clumsy one and I handle her with care, I love her scent as well. She has a trait of a cat, but don't get me wrong she is a sweet baby.

My last baby is Chubby Robby. We cannot actually tell his breed but her mom is a shih tzu, but his dad? uh. no. We don't know. I love to squish this baby! He's so fluffy and He loveeees to sleep. You could actually hear him snore hayyy my baby. He still a puppy for me that just got big.

Yes, you got it right or you wanna look back? They all have two names. Hehe I loveeee loveeee my dogs, they are God's ultimate gift to me. I really don't know why God sent me dogs because I don't deserve them, but I I'm grateful for having additional friends--- my fur babies!
IMG_20160510_180930.JPG IMG_20160510_180930.JPG This is Charm, Mongrel Labrador. Turning 2 years old this coming March. She loves to run and I can't keep up with her :D. She also likes to walk, If I have time we walk in the neighborhood. Sadly she hates cat and easily gets mad to people she doesn't like even passersby.
Just the one - he's asleep next to me at the moment, such a cutie. He's some kind of chihuahua+terrier mix, but he's a stray, so we can't really be sure what his heritage. He is a blonde little dude with an absolutely infectious smile that just makes you want to hug him all the time <3
Kinda understand the infectious smile of them dog. I have 3 stray dogs myself. Not really sure of the heritage, 1 sure looks like a husky, the other one looks like a bull dog, and last one is a shih tzu. Well, anyways, its really comforting that they are always by your side in your ups and downs. Their smile and energy rubs on me and takes all my stress away. :D