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What brand of food do you use?

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We've been feeding my dog Nutro Natural Choice since he was a puppy. He used to have a sensitive stomach, and this seemed to work best for him. He still enjoys it, though every once in a while he seems to need some extra incentive to eat (like cheese or a bit of crushed up treats).

Do you stick with the same food or do you change it up regularly? Do you add wet food or treats to make it more enticing?
We have been fortunate to be able to feed our dogs without counting the cost. At least, that has been true the last few years. We actually did some research to find food that was worth the money.

We settled on Taste of the Wild and have never changed as it is great.

Our dogs get the dry bag food once a day and the five of them share one can of the brand as well. The reason we feed the canned food may just be so we feel we are giving them a treat.

We have never had an issue and the dogs love the stuff!
I use Purina Dog Chow and they eat it without too much provocation from me. Of course, my pit is a puppy so she likes to eat. I give them treats a few times a day when they have been good. I change their treats up occasionally but not their food. I have heard that it can be bad for them to change too frequently because they could get diarrhea from the change. I have given my smaller dog scrambled eggs as a treat and to help his dry skin before but I have not done that in a while.
I've fed my dogs Nutro, Eukanuba, and Blue Buffalo. All three are fantastic, but I have to say that I'm currently loving what Eukanuba has done for my parents' Great Pyrenees mix pup. Blue Buffalo's a little bit pricey for my budget (haha). Prior to switching him over to Large Breed Eukanuba, he was on regular Purina. We'd tried Nutro, but it upset his system. His skin was dry and itchy, he was losing fur rapidly, and he wasn't developing enough muscle as he grew. When we switched him over to Eukanuba, he became a completely different dog. Now he's munching happily on the large breed dry mix and getting half homemade wet food mixed with Pedigree.
I've been feeding my dog a mixture of dried food that I get at the vet's, fish and cooked grains and vegetables, since she was a puppy. Basically, she mostly gets whatever I have for dinner, and she loves it. From the beginning, she wasn't all that keen on meat for some reason, which suits me just fine, as I have been a vegetarian all my life. My dog loves oats and rice, tofu, lentils, and much more. I am glad that she never refuses anything that I offer her. Her digestion is excellent. But as soon as I offer her a tin, which only happens when I am very busy and didn't have any time to cook, she immediately suffers from gas. Tinned commercial food, is like fast food to her, and it upsets your stomach. So, I try to always avoid that scenario.
I make my own dog food. My little guy is old now and only has 1 tooth. I use a combination of either turkey or chicken, rice, peas and carrots. I also add fish oil and a small amount of garlic.
I have changed dried dog food at least four times until I find Purina Pro Plan with Salmon for sensitive skin and stomach. It contains no soy, corn, or wheat and my dog has been eaten this for past few months. I don't plan on changing his food any time soon, and I order it through Amazon, which is cheaper than at any pet stores around here.
My Samoyed is on Nature's Variety Raw Instinct Beef Formula. It goes for $90 per bag and I import it from the US which totals to $150 per bag unless I buy bulk which usually works out a little cheaper. It is quite expensive but he is allergic to chicken and has a sensitive stomach, and so far it has been working well.
I have to be careful about dog food because my sheltie is very sensitive to corn/grains. I had them all on Castor And Pollux for a long time (partially because 'Castor' is the name of one of my favorite characters, haha) and they did really well on it, but it's expensive. Now I'm using the Cosco Nature's Domain food. It doesn't seem to be as filling for them, but it hasn't upset their stomachs. I supplement with people food and other treats (baby food, wet dog food, canned stews and ravioli, leftovers, etc.) so it works nicely.
I use to feed my dog Pedigree can dog food for years. Only recently have I switched to dry dog food. When he was a puppy he could hold down his food and has a hard time relieving himself. So I went for the wet dog food. Now that he is older and drink a lot more water, I switched to dry dog food. It's also much cheaper. Save me a lot of money on dog food.
I feed both my dogs Eukanuba now. They did originally eat Chum for years but when Margot got a little older and couldn't deal with it so well anymore we switched to Eukanuba. Its expensive but you know its good for your dog. I obviously had to switch to it for both dogs, even though I wanted it only for Margot really, you have to keep things fair with two dogs or you run into all sorts of trouble.
I originally always fed the dogs I had Eukanuba and they all loved it. Now with my newest dog she is extremely picky and I have a really hard time getting her to eat. We've tried mixing wet food in with the solid, mixing vegies and meat in with it, tried just giving her soft food and nothing was working. Finally though we found a food that she seems to really like and is eating much better. Now I feed her Wellness TruFood. Unfortunately though the Petco has said they probably wont be keeping it in stock much longer and other stores in my area don't really sell it. Now I will be buying it off the internet I guess.


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I used to feed my pets Pedigree, but not regularly. They usually eat whatever food we have at home. They eat what I eat. HA!HA! But sometimes, they eat better food than me. My mom spoils them too much. I think she loves them more than me. ;)
We get this organic local stuff from the pet store here. It is basically your generic high-quality dog food but sourced locally. There are a few different flavors, and we use that for his dry feed, but we also have wet food available for him here and there for variety. He also has access to a lot of his favorite veggies.
Typically I would use Purina. It may be cheap compared to some brands, but it's not the bottom of the barrel. It's a consistent product that's at least been tested. There may be better foods out there, but other factors have more of an effect on the health of the dog. A lean dog on Purina is better off than an overweight dog on a "premium" brand. And the more expensive brands vary wildly in quality
. A lot of them are just overpriced.

As far as treats, I would usually give carrots or just bake a treat for them.
Oh, so I'm not the only one who likes Purina? The folks of the Richmond SPCA recommended Purina because it was cheap and healthy apparently. Plus, you are suppose to feed the dog their usual before gradually changing his diet.
Since my dog is fairly old and has had bouts of pancreatitis over the years, necessitating a low-fat diet, we buy Holistic Senior dry dog food for him and several varieties of Wellness wet food. He likes the turkey stew and venison varieties which are both high quality (almost human-grade) and have a low percentage of crude fat. Since we have used this combination of dog food brands, our dog has had not any digestive or pancreatic issues of note.
I feed our dogs Diamond Grain- Free Chicken dog food, they love it, its grain free and its cheaper then most grain-free dog foods. I use to feed them IAMS mini-chunks and they liked that to but I switched to Diamond Grain-Free which runs about 21 dollars a 14 pound bag and that last us about a month.
I do not really know if this brand is available in your country but whatever, I currently give my dogs Purina DogChow, it's currently the best dog food in the market nowadays, it apparently contains all the vitamins and components my dog needs to be healthy and whatnot, of course there are many other brands, but despite that I highly recommend it to anyone that may be looking for a good option.
We usually don't give our dogs food from stores save for porridge flour which I have seen being bought from supermarkets when they are growing up. Most people give their dogs leftovers, generally human food. I have also sourced bones from butcheries to give to our dogs.