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What books are you currently reading?

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by Ladyferoz, Mar 21, 2016.

  1. Ladyferoz

    Ladyferoz Member

    I am currently reading Half of a yellow sun by Chimamanda Ngozi. I have had to put down the book a few times because it got too upsetting for me, it is a beautifully written book although quite heartbreaking. What are you currently reading?
  2. heavymetalkilos

    heavymetalkilos New Member

    I'm currently re-reading Shutter Island which is one of my favorites. I can't really tell about the book without spoiling it, thanks to its difficult plot and all, but it's just a really capturing book. The whole idea that's going around in the setting and the final revelation of what actually was going on in the island is just awesome, still making me catch my breath. Everyone should read it!
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  3. Valerie

    Valerie Member

    I'm currently reading a Japanese novel called Loups Garous. Actually, I haven't picked it up in a while. Thanks for reminding me!
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  4. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    I'm currently reading a mix of a few different books. I get bored between them and start new ones, and I'm constantly finishing a book and buying another one around the same time. Specifically & within the last few hours, I'm reading Tao of the Jeet Kun Do by Bruce Lee.
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  5. Frisbee

    Frisbee New Member

    I think most of these titles are a little too literary for me! Life is very busy with far too many vet trips at the moment, so I just wanted sheer escapism. I'm reading through a free ebook called Dinosaur Lake right now, which got a good review in the local paper. It is a pure pulp fiction monster attack, with a dinosaur hatching from a volcano and attacking a town, with bad science everywhere. It's a book where I can just shut my brain down and go along with the ride, which is exactly what I want.
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  6. spence88

    spence88 New Member

    I am currently reading Thirteen Problems by Agatha Christie. I'm halfway done, and I've been enjoying every bit of it. This isn't the first time I'm reading Agatha Christie's books, but this is the first I'm reading a Jane Marple mystery. All the others before were Hercule Poirot mysteries, and they were really good. I've already read so many of them that I thought of trying other character mysteries. Jane Marple mysteries also look to be very good and promising.
  7. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    Wow spence, spooky! I just got done being Hercule Poirot with some real life drama which lead into some crazy synchronicity, only to find the first random person mentioning agatha christie in forever! We cleared someones name with a few pieces of evidence and uncovered some crazy bugs under a rock...changed the view of one of our friends who let someone take the fall for his lies...so much drama, real life is juicy and i figured it all out because of those hercule poirot skills
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  8. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy and Anne Rice's Second Vampire Book with Lestat! I'm so done with missing my friend's constant reference to these two. Both books seem great so far. I also have one of Agatha Christie's book. I think she's one of the greatest authors in crime novels. I'll read her book, "And Then There Was None" Next.
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  9. spence88

    spence88 New Member

    @HeyBubba, really? That's awesome! Wish I could have been there to witness it. How does it feel to be Hercule Poirot? If that happened to me, I'd be extremely happy. Oh how I wish I got Hercule Poirot skills like you! And yeah, I know, what coincidence this is.

    Hey @aquaticneko, come back and tell us what you think about the book when you're done. :)
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  10. dihewe

    dihewe New Member

    I recently finished up Ready Player One. It was so, so enjoyable. Probably my favorite book in years to be completely honest. It's not the finest piece of literature by any means, but it's amazing fun. The writer really captures the feel of the 80's and escapism of video games in general. A lot of people think it's bogged down by all the 80's references but I really enjoyed em. The movie is gonna be insane if it's anything like the book. I'm probably gonna start on 'Devil in the White City' next. It's also being adapted as a movie with Leo Dicaprio playing the infamous killer from the book (and real life).
  11. softonic

    softonic New Member

    Currently I am reading Robinson Crusoe. A beautiful adventure book about a man who is stucked on an island. It is interesting and easy book to read.
  12. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    It's crazy actually. I basically found out that one of my friends has fabricated a giant story about a big hacker that is actually him in order to justify some of the ridiculous things that he said to his ex. We're talking things that would get him put in jail most likely. He ran with the story, let someone else take the blame and that someone else even got death threats because of it. I used a combination of screenshots from chat logs and noticed some of his calling cards, because people with bad grammar often assume that certain errors are accurate. In other words, they make the same mistakes that they can't hide because they believe that's how you're supposed to write, even though it's an error.

    I was able to clear my friend's name (they're both friends, both part of the "tribe..." it's tough, we're all older and gone our ways but this is just wrong) by chasing my way to the source of him being accused in the first place; speculation gone too far, and another of our friends jumping to conclusions.

    Now, the friend that is doing all of this that deserves the jail time for all of this... He has been dressing all of this up, making it worse and worse and increasing the stakes because he is emotionally frenzied by the context and results of the breakup. He gave himself away too many times though, even saying some things about "hacking" that don't make any sense. Like, I don't know, someone that didn't actually hack the account...because it was him the whole time...
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  13. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    I had no idea Bruce Lee wrote books :O Is this from someone else? Or the one and only Bruce Lee. How is the book so far?
  14. HeyBubba

    HeyBubba Member

    I am already done with it, it is magnificent. It a mixture of meditative thoughts, intense perspective and a freeing of the mind from style in general. Style is presented as a system of limitation, and it has already changed my perspective on life.

    He wrote the book because he could not train and was aggravated. That's where he developed his "be water" quote - he was angry that he couldn't work out, so he went to a lake and stood in the water, punching and striking it to take out his frustrations. He realized he could not harm the water, it simply moved and flowed to match his actions.
  15. Mars

    Mars New Member

    I just finished reading Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. And next on my list is Let The Right One In. I was planning on reading Watership Down or Plague Dogs but decided against it. I think I need a break from reading books that would make me cry. I'll just scare myself for the mean time.
  16. emmarocks55

    emmarocks55 New Member

    I'm about to start reading Rose Madder by Stephen King again. If you haven't read it yet, and you're a big King fan, it will NOT disappoint. Most of it is realistic, but it's also got some sci fi mixed in. It's about a woman who leaves her abusive psycho cop husband on a whim, her new life, and him tracking her down. It's kind of long, but well worth the read.
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  17. Annemarie

    Annemarie Member

    I'm currently reading The Brimstone Wedding by Barbara Vine (aka Ruth Rendell). It was recommended to me almost 10 years ago and I bought it right away, then lost track of it! I put it away in my closet and piled things on top of it - only recently finding it. It's funny, because the situation in the book is very important as it relates to something that happened to me a long time ago - it's the reason the friend recommended the book :) I wonder now how I would have been absorbing it if I'd read it when I was "supposed" to :)

    It's very good. It's british, and very obviously so - there are entire paragraphs that are very very different from american. Like "I rang round to her flat" instead of "I went to her apartment". I love how we speak the same language 2 totally different ways!
  18. swalia

    swalia Member

    I just finished reading 'My Impossible Love' by Durjoy Datta. The book is about Danish who is a nobody as compared to his overachieving younger brother who is more intelligent and more successful than him. Life takes a turn when Danish joins a school as a counsellor for troubled teenagers where he meets Aisha.
  19. BelgiansFTW

    BelgiansFTW New Member

    Right now I'm reading Jeannette Winterson's Written on the Body. It's incredibly sensual, emotionally powerful and very in touch with the desires of the body and the mind. It's a novel unlike any other I've read I'm also reading Miranda July's The First Bad Man and Anais Nin's A Spy In the House of Love.
  20. LaneA

    LaneA Member

    I'm the type of guy who never really ends a book, so I'm currently reading a few of them, The Shining by Stephen Kind, which I started 6 months ago, The Danish Girl which I started reading a year ago, and I just start reading Misery by Stephen King and it just trapped me, I can't take my eyes off it, it's so good! So I hope that I end it in a short period of time.

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