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well? Flooring moisture can not be ignored

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 17, 2017.

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    you can place a dust-proof pad at the entrance or install a dust-proof bar at the bottom of the door. Third, carefully choose the right skin care products suitable for the selection of water-based wax floor, only use one kind of wax products, if the use of different wax products will interact with each other to make the floor sticky dirty. Fourth, the amount of wax products to be coated if the amount of too thick
    will be more sticky dirt on the floor, more difficult to polish the floor. Five, move to be careful To move the furniture, it is recommended to lift the way to avoid drag, so as not to scratch the floor; to further protect your floor, the bottom of the furniture can be installed cloth cover or pad. Sixth, along the texture wipe Regularly use a soft damp cloth to wipe, wipe down along the texture to wipe. This method of
    wiping avoids damage to the wooden floor for a long time. Or walnut kernels wrapped with gauze, wipe the wooden texture, the surface of the wooden floor can play a role in maintenance. Seven, anti-"foot" damage parquet wear layer if damaged will make the floor moisture-proof function and brightness affected, therefore, walking on the floor, should try to wear cloth slippers, the best barefoot. In addition to
    non slip deck covering
    plastic natural fiber building
    fire resistant composite wood fence

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