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We Have A New Baby!!!

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Today I got a new tiny puppy from one of the kids that I worked with a few years ago when I was a teacher's aide. She is the cutest little thing. She is half Dachsund and half Party Pom. I saw her parents and I know she is going to be a tiny little girl even once she is full grown. We are so totally in love already. We have named her Piper Ann. Here are some pics of my daughter holding her. <3


Lovely, I have always had a soft spot when it comes to puppies, sometimes I feel that they need to be treated like human beings and I have to remind myself that even though they are so cute, they are still animals, enjoy your time with her.
Aren't puppies just the best? They have those round bellies and soft puppy feet. Why do all puppies seem to have breath that smells like baloney?
Oh my goodness! What an adorable addition to your family. Puppy loves are the best. I still remember when I first got my dogs. Congratulations and enjoy your new family member. :)
Aw, congratulations! The pup looks like such a sweetheart! The breed combination sounds like a winner to me. You're sure to have quite the character. Here's to Piper Ann's health and happiness :)
Oh she is an adorable mixed pup! I love her fur color! Do you know how much she will weight full grown? Puppies are like babies, they don't last too long, enjoy every minute with Piper Ann as she will grow up right before your eyes.
Awwww so sweet. I want to get me a pompek but Alexis might get jealous so I am still contemplating. They will be lovely little girls in fact.
Oh, how cute is she! Why are puppies so adorable, it's impossible to resist:) Congratulations on having a new family member! May she grow healthy and happy;)
What a cute little thing. Since it's not a purebreed, is safe to say your doggy will grow happy and healthy without developing any disease. That's just great, hope It'll get along well with all your family members!
Oh my goodness she is beyond adorable!!!! Congratulations to you and your family! I have to say I love her name. Piper Ann is a good name and the puppy is so cute! You guys are so lucky to have her, I'm sure she'll bring your family much love and joy.