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Wax wood floor maintenance

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 24, 2017.

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    Continuous rainy weather, the relative humidity in the air is high, did not take wetting measures, moisture in the air is absorbed by the wooden floor hygroscopic expansion; wood flooring hygroscopic expansion after flooding;
    Long-term empty customs house, uninhabited, poor ventilation, painted layer of moderate evaporation after evaporation of moisture is no place to be absorbed by the wooden floor hygroscopic expansion; grass-roots concrete moisture content is too high, moisture-proof isolation layer is not sealed and hygroscopic expansion;
    Wooden floor pavement between the adjacent blocks were not required to reserve stretch seam, damp air swell after expansion arch, or even paint cracks; wood flooring pavement larger or wider, did not take sub-measures .Preventive measures: Regularly open the window ventilation; and reserve the construction of the extension seam, the section seam and the adjustment of the extension seam between the adjacent plates as required.
    Solution: Do not affect the use of functions, can be a long time, such as the moisture content of wood flooring and air relative humidity after the balance, depending on the circumstances to take demolition, re-program; or all open resurfacing, Seams and adjacent panels are reserved for stretching.
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