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Warping wood floor deformation

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 18, 2017.

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    Surface phenomenon: wooden floor tilt up both sides of the landscape, like tile. Analysis of the reasons: the water content of the concrete base or the adjacent wall moisture content is too high; the construction of the concrete base had water splashing, mixed with water-containing materials, resulting in concrete moisture content increased;
    Not according to the requirements of waterproof, moisture isolation blocking measures; keel moisture content is too high, the moisture evaporated by the back of the wooden floor moisture absorption; laying of wood flooring under the surface of pipe leakage, indoor temperature condensation formation of water; wipe.
    Preventive measures: The concrete foundation must reach the water content requirement before construction. When the water content exceeds the standard, the moisture-proof insulation layer must be paved. The moisture-proof insulation layer should be sealed as a whole, and the waterproof and moisture-proof isolation block measures should be taken.
    Solution: Remove the wooden floor around the room to allow it to dissipate the tide can partially alleviate the deformation of the deformation of the wooden floor to be replaced; if the larger deformation of the wooden floor, the demolition of the paved wood floor to be the concrete floor or keel, Dry and re-paved. Replaced the original available wooden floor, the impact of the use of wooden floor to be replaced.
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