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The key is to lay the floor

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 23, 2017.

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    Low humidity on the floor, you have to choose a good stability of the floor; high-rise residential relatively low moisture content, easy to ventilated, more dry, choose a small shrinkage wood floor. The various manufacturers in the processing of different floor, resulting in different nature of the floor, the purchase must be asked clearly. If you are not sure, you can choose merbau, termites wood, teak flooring, these types of floor can be used for a variety of floors.
    Moisture resistance is the most important wood flooring technical indicators. Moisture resistance is not good wooden floor, long time in the geothermal "steaming", once there is moisture into the wood floor edge must curl, resulting in damage to the wooden floor. The high-quality wood flooring used in high-density substrate, excellent moisture resistance, absorbent thickness expansion rate far less than the national standard. In addition, the special wear-resistant layer, decorative paper, the balance layer, the substrate can be well "closed" to ensure that the overall moisture-proof wooden floor better performance.
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