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The Greatest Dog Rescue I've Ever Known. Squish

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With the flood of heartwarming dog rescues I've come to witness and shed a tear, this story for me, is by far the best rescue story that has greatly impacted me as an animal lover and as a person who struggles in life.

This dog was found by stray animal control and was thought to be around four months old. His face at the time looked swollen and suspected that it was because of an animal bite. So they treated him and initially improved but then later on Squish cannot open its jaw and his face become sunken. It was later on decided to put Squish on the euthanasia list to prevent more suffering. Prior to euthanasia, he was brought up to another specialist and was discovered that his condition is most probably brought up to him intentionally by a strong blow in his head and that he needed numerous surgeries.

He met his human, Dr. Danielle Boyd, who is having her internship at the time and she immediately connected with Squish. That day, she brought her home just to give him a break from all the meds and cages he's been forever. According to Dr. Boyd, she realized that while holding him that night, she couldn't let her be euthanized and made a decision to keep Squish. And that was the beginning of their journey together. Squish had several operations along the way and now she was able to pick a tennis ball!

It was truly an amazing story about someone who has faced so much in his life that never gives up and at the same time, a truly amazing story to know that there are the angels that will help you along the way. For me, Squish and his human is the perfect example that even though life was hard, it's not always that way and if you're just willing, you can rise up better and stronger.

You can follow Squish on Instagram apupnamedsquish and see the semi colon dog. ;)