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the flatness of the floor surface

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 25, 2017.

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    the lead, integrated into the floor, the electric conversion rate even more than 95% (traditional cable \ electric film to warm, electric conversion rate of only 55-60%). Due to the high-tech features of the warm core, it integrates into the floor, so that it can be truly "maintenance-free", free from the problems of aging, falling off and breaking, and has a long service life. As long as the floor is not bad, Will be bad.
    Warm core technology, overturned the traditional practice of heating, creating a new era of high-tech heating, causing the United States, Japan, South Korea and some Nordic countries concerned about the experts. "Warm core" layer of non-metallic inorganic materials, not aging, no shedding, no fracture concerns, harmless to the human body, life and the floor as long, high-quality wood and high quality raw
    materials suppliers at home and abroad, A-class sheet carefully Selection, fundamentally ensure product quality. In fact, it is a warm core floor can give us a warm feeling of the floor, this warm core floor it is we need in the cold winter, a good floor, who we want the coldest winter, who do not want to Shu Comfortable warmth over a winter, winter came to our side, and now we no longer have to worry about
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