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the flatness of the floor surface

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 24, 2017.

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    11, pre-shop sorting, the whole floor opened the whole pre-shop, color and pavement effect to reach a consensus with the customer, adjusted to customer satisfaction, or not paved. 12, paving the floor, four sides to be set aside 8-12mm expansion joints, the wrong seam pavement, the wrong seam can not be less than 300mm, should first use the short box inside the box, if you want to scribe long plate, cut short
    Plate can not be less than 300mm. 13, Laying the floor to be nailed, 45 �� inclined drill with a hand drill, and then into the floor dedicated nails, shall not be used gas nails. The number of nails per floor should not be less than three. (Note: drill bit thinner than the nail, otherwise the floor will be loose, abnormal sound) 14, paving is completed, clean up debris in the expansion joints, the installation of baseboard.
    Installation is complete, clean the floor along the direction of health. Third, the installation and acceptance of the floor keel 1, doors and door sets cut straight and smooth, the door can be opened freely. 2, the buckle is solid, baseboard contact surface is flat, corner straight, nail cap shall not be above the foot surface, with the same color putty repair. 3, the floor surface without glue, stains, off angle, cracks,
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