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The Dog Whisperer

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Has anyone found this show or other shows like it to be helpful in training your dog? I found it entertaining and insightful, but I always looked it up online to double check. I thought it was cool that this show had hit the masses and I admit, I did learn a few things from him. Just break it down and get real primal. The most basic instinct of the animal kingdom.

Did you find it helpful?
I have always found The Dog Whisperer programme to be very interesting and informative. This man definitely knows his stuff. He seems to succeed every time in either trying to calm a dog down or to get the dog to do whatever he wishes it to do. I have not watched the programme for a while, however. I actually thought it had stopped airing. Although I do not own a dog at the moment, I still like to watch dog shows. One can train a dog to do almost anything, and some of the stunts they can perform is truly amazing.


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I loved watching that show! I used to say Cesar Milan was my hero lol. But yeah, I find his stuff to be pretty informative though to be honest I haven't really had a chance to test it out. His advice seems pretty sound though and he seems to very successful. The stuff he says makes sense. Basically fulfill the instinctual needs of the dog and it will reciprocate with good behavior. Seems simple but effective. I would trust it. I think he has some familial issues recently and was in a slump because of it. Although if I remember correctly he was already back on his feet.
I've never seen the show, but I have heard of such people who are supposedly able to communicate with dogs in a very special way. I say "supposedly" because I am quite skeptical of individuals, or alleged "clinics" in which an animal psychologist tries to make contact with a dog on a deeper level. No doubt, all animals communicate with us, and some of us are able to understand them better than others, but if there is a lot of money involved to have your dog "psycho-analyzed", I just have to laugh. With s little common sense and understanding, you can generally figure out a dog's needs quickly. It also helps to talk with a veterinarian or a dog trainer.
I love the dog whisperer. I have used his techniques in the past and found them quite successful. His techniques for hyper behaviors are especially good. If I'm awake the dogs don't bark when someone knocks.
I am a fan of Cesar Milan and although his shows are not in the regular programming of the cable channel, I sometimes catch it. But we have a local dog whisperer here who was featured on tv. I had also met him once during a dog show. He is a good one and I am trying to contact him to train Pipoy, our hyperactive dog. Unfortunately, our schedules do not meet since I have a hectic schedule lately. Maybe next month of April will be okay to meet with him. is Lestre, such a unique name that I easily found in social media.

Pipoy is in a cage because he is so hyper, never stops moving when out of the cage. The side effect is fatigue, he would be gasping for breath. I think Lestre can do something about it. Beside, Pipoy bites strangers.
I guess you could say I have learned everything from that show, the fact that it was on tv was really helpful to me because prior to that i didn't really know it was possible to home train your dog. Im currently looking for better tools to train my dog properly buy definitely the Cesar Millan show helped me alot from the psychological point of view.
We absolutely loved that show. Although we seldom catch it, but if we do, my mom and brothers all sit down and watch together. Cesar Milan is a true dog whisperer! We've been watching the show even before we owned a dog. Now that we own one, I find his techniques very effective. It helped me develop the correct mindset on how to train my dog. Without that, I couldn't have possibly trained my dog with my own techniques.


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I would love to be as skilled as Cesar when it comes to dealing with our four-legged friends. I love dogs but I admit that I am wary of others who are not that friendly.
Independently of the actual quality of the advice that Mr. Milan gives, there is something about that show that made it so successful, I don't know what it is but I could watch that show all day. It is probably the host's personality, the reality TV part done tastefully without over doing it, or the overall structure and production quality of the show, because I know a lot of people that don't even have dogs nor plan to get one and never missed that show. That being said, I think you should use the show as a general idea and approach to training, but I don't know if you should try the actual techniques yourself.

Some others professional trainers actually object strongly to Milan's method, but, as in any profession, you are going to find a lot of different viewpoints so I don't know.
This is a great relief! This thread just restored some of my faith in television. Not every technique on camera is a complete fraud. When I was watching Caesar keep a calm head under stress something click inside my head. "Dogs can feel your energy!" Being frustrated will only duplicate that emotion. Some humans are the same way. e.g. ME
Yes, I am a big fan of Ceasar Millan. I love the fact that he always goes for more discipline than affection. It's true because you cannot just pour out love for your dogs and have them rule over you at the end of the day. You still need to teach them discipline so they can respect you as their leader, too. Personally, his ways worked well with me and my dogs. I surely have learned a lot from him.