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Switching Dog Food for Digestion?

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Has anyone had to switch dog foods to help their dog's digestion? I have been considering it lately, but haven't made it to the vet yet for suggestions. If you have switched foods, was it to a more natural blend or even more extreme like a full diet of people food (fruits, veggies, protein)? I know every dog is different, but I'm just looking for ideas.
I have switched dog food at least five times already since I got my puppy two years ago. I started out with top of the line food when we first brought him home, and soon realized that I will be homeless if I kept it up.

Then I fed him more common dog food such as Purina puppy chow to fit my budget. He has sensitive stomach, and this food wasn't agreeable with him.

After reading articles online, health benefits for the dog, and considering my budget, I settled for Purina Pro Plant Chicken and Rice. He sheds like crazy. So I switched again to Purina Pro Plant with Salmon, where they don't use soy, wheat, or corn. He is doing well with this and I bought it at Amazon for a cheaper price than at the Pet store.