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substrate, multi-surface decorative panels

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 28, 2017.

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    mg / 100 grams, to B level can be used. Glue determines the quality of laminate flooring to strengthen the size of pollution, good quality plastic formaldehyde content is low. 4, density: the density of qualified products �� 0.9g / cm3. 5, moisture content: the moisture content of qualified products in the range of 3.0-10.0%. People buy the floor, you can check the product inspection certificate of these data. 6, pick
    flatter whether flat. The completeness of the tongue and mouth is directly related to the life of the floor. 7, the surface of the impregnated film should not have dried flowers Opaque white dots, wet flowers mist, stains, scratches and indentations, around the tongue and mortise should remain intact. Composite board length, width and thickness should be the same as the product description, can be arbitrarily
    taken more than a composite floor after splice observation to see whether the combination of stitching joints rugged feeling, patchwork to be arbitrary and then take more than one floor Constructed to observe its own tenon, groove is tight, feel is smooth. The middle layer of parquet, not only can increase the foot feeling, but also to prevent the expansion of the floor deformation, the thickness of 7-10mm is
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