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So glad to have found this site

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Hello fellow dog fans I'm glad to have come across and to join this site as I'm a massive dog lover and I just love having pets in general as well. A little intro about myself - I've been around dogs since as far back as I can remember so I've always known to love and respect dogs. At times when I was not getting along well with my siblings I was always glad that we had dogs and that they were close to me so we would play when I was feeling sad or lonely.

Nowadays, unfortunately, I've moved into an apartment so I'm apprehensive about getting a dog as a pet as of now because even though it's allowed here and we do have some grass land very nearby where the dog can play around in, I still feel like I would feel guilty if majority of the day the dog was just in this tiny space without much room to run around and see the outside world. Hopefully, soon I can move out into a bigger place so I can own a dog again but for now I'll just have to keep living vicariously through others by watching dogs in Youtube videos and sharing experiences with like minded members here. See you all in the threads!