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Shrinkage cracking characteristics of solid wood flooring

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by qizhen111, Nov 30, 2017.

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    In general, pure solid wood floor relative to other geothermal floor is more environmentally friendly. The so-called eco-pure solid wood floor heating not only refers to the environmental performance of the floor itself, but also to maintain the state of sustainable development, and can form a recyclable resources floor. So in order to ensure the environmental performance of solid wood flooring, we must choose the well-known brands and regular manufacturers when buying, are generally able to meet the environmental requirements, because large enterprises will strictly implement the national standards. Doing so can also provide some resistance to the small manufacturers that produce environmentally-friendly floor tiles.
    In addition, we should know that the content of formaldehyde is inversely proportional to many key technical indicators, so the higher the formaldehyde content the key technical indicators will be better, so in order to achieve technical indicators but also to meet environmental standards, many companies will use high-quality glue And innovative technology to achieve environmental protection conditions, but also the use of new technology, so everyone in the purchase of solid wood floor when you need to pay attention to the floor of the production process.
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