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Sharing A Bed With Your Dog?

Discussion in 'Dog General' started by IcyFirefly, Mar 12, 2016.

  1. IcyFirefly

    IcyFirefly Member

    He is about 50 lbs now! When he was a small puppy we had to let him out at night, at least twice but only for the first week that he was with us. After he was used to us and the house, he trained himself to sleep throughout the night. I think he was the size of your dogs now back then.

    I removed the water bowl about two hours before bed time, so it helped training him from wanting to go out at night. Now, he drinks whenever he wants.
  2. puli93

    puli93 New Member

    It all depends on the situation you living in I guess.

    I can totally imagine myself letting the dog sleep with me, when it's still a puppy or has really short fur. But in household where smaller children and babies are sleeping too the dog should be an outside one.
  3. Christina

    Christina New Member

    We tried crate training my dog, but he would get extremely anxious to the point of aggression. I was not living with the dog at the time (my husband, then boyfriend, was the sole owner and a first time dog-owner).

    He got used to sleeping on his own bed next to my husband's, but I started letting him sleep up on the bed with me when I was there. Now that we're all one big happy family, I LOVE cuddling with my doggy, especially on the cold winter nights. He is big and takes up a lot of my space, but it keeps me warm and relaxed and makes me happy, so it's worth any loss of sleep I experience.

    I don't care if this makes my dog spoiled, we're happy :)
  4. Wolfheart57

    Wolfheart57 Member

    Never, I kick and roll over so much in my sleep that I would end up hurting my dog. I would love to sleep next to my dog and cuddle but I would feel so bad accidentally hurting her. She's allowed to sleep in my room but not on my bed. I'm so jealous of all the pictures of people sleeping with their dogs because they look so cute.
  5. amethyst

    amethyst New Member

    I never liked my dog and cat to jump up on my bed. So, they quickly learnt that it's a taboo zone for them. Neither do I allow them to sleep on the couch. They both have their respective beds and they can hang out on the old couch in the backyard. I've also trained my cat not to traipse all over my kitchen benches and shelves. I simply don't like it. Even though they are my family, they are still animals at the end of the day. And always. :)
  6. TheNapier

    TheNapier New Member

    My dogs have always slept with me in the bed.
    The sheltie has gotten old now, and prefers to be outside 24/7 (thick coat, hot house due to elderly relatives, no bueno), but when she was sleeping with me there would only be minimal 'puff balls' every morning, very easy to pick off. The dachshund doesn't shed at all. They probably bring more allergens into the bed, but if you wash your sheets regularly I doubt it's really an issue.
    My father's chihuahua slept in my room for a few months, but she had the disgusting habit of messing on the bed. She is now an outside dog, needless to say.
  7. aquaticneko

    aquaticneko Member

    Of all my pets that I've had previously, only my cats would sleep on my bed. They prefer when I'm not on it.... My dogs all liked the outdoors. We never had a dog that stayed indoors. We have rescues that needed to stay indoors for a few days but never in our beds.
  8. Fermin420

    Fermin420 New Member

    I used to share a corner of my bed when he was a clean stay at home puppy but now days he's gotten a little crazy, likes to spill water and lay on top and then rolls over dirt almost like that's exactly what he's trying to achieve. You can't share a bed with this guy, he's nuts!
  9. LaurenR7

    LaurenR7 New Member

    I used to share my bed with my dog, but found that he has gotten bigger and there is not enough room for him anymore. He always loved to sleep under the covers between my legs, which would always wake both of us up any time I tried to role over. Now he stays in a kennel at night and is let out during the day.
  10. hachiko

    hachiko Member

    To be honest, we don't let our dogs sleep in our beds. For one, they have fleas, the house dogs, and no matter what we do, it just won't leave them alone. We have tried every shampoo, shaving their furs and even powders but they still come back. So we cannot really allow them in beds or else we'll risk having the fleas bite our son as well. And even then, our house dogs can be quite dirty even with bathing them once a week. I don't know why though but they always have a way to become dirty even just after bathing, lol.

    Back when I was little though, I had a cat which I let sleep in my bed. Even if I don't bather her, she is very clean since she does clean herself. Lol. Although she is satisfied as well sleeping in the floor without anyone bothering her anyway.
  11. Mars

    Mars New Member

    I don't, but my mom does. Her dog loves to sleep on her bed. No matter how much I try to train him to sleep on his kennel, whenever he has a chance, he always goes to my mom's room and sleep on her bed. I guess he's more comfortable there.
  12. fcuco

    fcuco Member

    Nah, this will never happen. We have 3 large dogs so we are not going to be comfortable sleeping on my small bed, plus they are backyard dogs so they are always dirty from playing around, digging holes and doing other fun stuff. I would have to change my sheets each and every day. No, the dogs have their own comfy beds, plus they don't sleep all night, usually they like to do rounds once in a while around the house during the night.
  13. rachklew

    rachklew New Member

    My dog started out sleeping in a crate, then a dog bed, but he would sneak out of his bed and into my bed every morning. Now he just sleeps in my bed because it was too hard to keep him out and I felt bad!
  14. Jezeray

    Jezeray Member

    My dog isn't large and does not shed so he is allowed to sleep in my bed or on the furniture but he is not allowed to ever complain when a human asks him to move. If he ventures a grumble-growl complaint when I kick him off of my pillow and send him to the foot of the bed, he gets sent to the floor instead. If I get up to use the bathroom, he is not allowed to jump into my recently vacated spot.

    If our next dog is a shedding breed, we may need to change that rule.

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