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Saving the Dogs

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I think it is awful how many dogs are murdered each year all across the world, including the United States. I think it is awful that it is the 21st century and some cultures find it acceptable to eat dog meat. I wish I could save all of the sweet puppies that are being murdered. But before I can become involved in saving dogs oversees, I think it is necessary to support efforts to end Euthanasia in animal shelters. No dog should be killed just because there are "too many" dogs. They all have a sweet and unique personality. They all deserve to be loved and cherished.
I hope this would not ruin your day. There are provinces in our country, particularly in the northern part, where dog meat is a delicacy. During occasions, there is at least one dish made of dog meat. There is a place called Mountain Province where they even have a ritual for killing the dog and butchering it for meat. Even in the city, there are those who fancy dog meat as chaser food for drinking. There are bars that serve dog meat to go with the beer.

I cannot imagine eating a dish made of dog meat. It would be repulsive to me.


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I too can never think about eating dog meat in my whole life time. It's really sad to think that they are being butchered in some places and the way they have been killed are sometimes way too unacceptable. I have an uncle who's very active in saving dogs which have been captured on the streets and sold in some restaurants for consumption. I really admire him for having spent a big part of his life saving dogs which are almost in the brink of death.
I am in the same boat as you guys. It always pains me whenever I see homeless dogs on the streets. I just swallow my pain because I really can't do much for them at the moment. I try to give them food whenever I can but I know it's not even enough. One of my future goals is to build a shelter for homeless animals. Even though I cannot do anything for the time being, I am still optimistic that someday, I will be able to uplift the lives of dogs, cats and other domesticated species.