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When we were growing up my mother had this dumb idea to be a schnauzer breeder. Trust me I know there are so many dogs out there looking for a home why do this?! It was her idea not mine I was just a kid at the time and was excited about puppies.
Well, we had a male schnauzer and so my mom looked around for a female. We found one of those dreaded puppy mills and found a female in it. What they didn't tell us is she was the product of the bad kind of incest. She was mentally retarded on so many levels. I tried telling my mom that certain things about her were not normal. She blew it off and let her breed anyways. Roxanne refused to lay down and feed her babies. She ended up only having on litter because babies were not her thing. In the littler there had been a puppy born with a hole in the roof of its mouth. Roxanne hated him and refused to let him feed when she was in a giving mood. So I milked her, yes you can milk a dog, it takes forever but it is possible. We bottle fed him for a week before we realized that all the milk was coming out his nose. We took him to a vet and found out it had gone to his lungs and he was slowly drowning with each passing feed.
A week we fed and loved this puppy. My sister and I taking turns on the night shift and letting him sleep with us for warmth waking up to feed him.
They had to put him down.
That is when we tested Roxanne and found out what we did and still kept her but got her fixed. We loved her still no matter what was wrong with her. Baxter loved her till he passed and when he passed she passed shortly after him. We think with even as crazy as she was, she loved him.
BTW all but that one puppy made it and found forever homes really fast and since we found out about Roxy my mom didn't charge for them.


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What is really sweet is that you loved these animals even knowing they were not normal or healthy. That is so wonderful.

It's also heartbreaking that bad things happen to these pets. Sometimes before we knew them, and sometimes due to genetic issues.

But just like people who are damaged need love anyway, our pets do, too.